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Metal shimmers in her eyes as she hypnotically slices across the skin. She draws her fingers across the flesh, admiring the satisfaction of silk beneath her fingertips. A loud knock sounds against the window. Startled, she loses control of the blade, accidentally jerking the sharp metal into the skin. But hearing the rhythmic thumping of a bird flapping away, she feels appeased as she stares at it with curiosity - the crimson blood seeping from the harsh wound. She carefully dips her finger into the wound before angrily continuing to slash away at the rest of the body. Entranced by her work, she doesn't comprehend the thick pool of glistening crimson collecting the lost blood. She suddenly distinguishes the agonizing moan escaping her husband’s mouth. She hurriedly walks away, leaving behind a harsh iron scent and a trail of bloody footprints to lead them to her. He slowly becomes responsive and asks if she’s done. He dials three digits before dropping his phone to the screeching tires and shrieking sirens in the distance, slowly approaching.  

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