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It was too much

Too much because you had a box of feelings

And you opened it up and it was all the crazy things

Things your mind couldn’t imagine because when you thought of them it turned away

The Melancholia, The Euphoria, The Truth.  

But you couldn’t take it oh you couldn’t take it

Because it hurts these feeling are so soft and so hard at the same time

And you slammed the box down a I got caught between the edge and the belt buckle

But it’s okay...

I’ve been caught between many belt buckles


Maybe this is the very thing that gives me what power I hold over you

So that when I speak I speak slowly with such vigor and intuition that you muddle your speech

to hide your heart.

But I mean every word.

This is what I think at least

But I’m probably wrong


I am not asking you to succumb to a dangerous villain

But if you choose to mistrust then expect a false truth.


If you would just talk to me

Not just talk to me really talk to me

This feeling is not a heavy chest bound with sharp wire or iron laches

But a candy box

Full of the sweetest chocolate

That will melt your mouth and those latches I promise you I promise you

I would not lie.


And maybe it is not true

That I have mistaken your slitted tongue for a satin bow

That is, you mean to fire bullets you mean and build walls

But this does not bring fear to me

You can’t take anything but the shells of people with sharp teeth

You’ll reach out

But you friends with crumble as you come in for embrace

The empress of emptiness,

You are what I know you’d become.


As you sit on the side of the road with your closed box

Which is now cold cardboard: your only shelter from the rain I will come to you

I will smile and speak what I said to so so many before

And I’ll use the bow to tie you mouth

To hold your heart,

and keep you quiet.

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