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As I roll over in my bed, I can see the light peeking in through the window. It’s seven o'clock exactly, seven o’clock, no earlier, no later. I can't stand to wake up at any time other than seven, for that could ruin my day. I wouldn't like my life any other way. I mean, I’ve been doing that since my early twenties, so it’s all I’ve known. Little things like that are what keep me sane. I have a very strict routine. Even the slightest change can throw my whole day off balance.
On a typical day I wake up at exactly seven. I get right out of bed and check on Frosting, my Chihuahua pitbull mix. Now it is exactly 7:05, and I go straight to my room to make my bed. o;This takes lots of time, for it has to be perfect. It is now seven thirty- two. I head to the restroom to prepare for the day. When I’m finished, it is exactly eight-thirty, and I spend the next hour grooming and tending to Frosting. I believe Frosting’s hygiene is just as important as any person’s hygiene is. By now it is already nine-thirty, and I must clean. The house gets so dirty so quickly, and I can't stand the idea of dirt, any dirt. I don't understand how some people can live in a house that is only cleaned once a week. I have to clean my house from top to bottom everyday just to make sure it is clean.
It is now eleven o’clock, and I grab Frosting’s leather leash that is rolled up in the drawer. It's so smooth. I have only the best for him. I close the door as we head out for the day. Frosting comes with me everywhere. They say it's for the safety of myself and others. I just follow the rules. I have found a street that nobody else walks on, so that's the street I take to work. I'd rather not run into a stranger. Most of them want to talk to me, and I find them all… well… strange. So I take this street. It’s private and quiet, and I've never run into a person on this street in the ten years I've been taking it. It's a beautiful street. I don't know why I've never seen anyone walking on it. The trees look like I've never seen before. They are bright green with beautiful orange flowers. Just like a sunset coming out of the ends of each and every branch. They look as if never touched by man. There are squirrels, birds, and other small creatures everywhere. The grass, oh the grass, sways through the air as if God is reaching down and moving it with his fingers. It is one of the most beautiful places. The garden smells like you just walked into the most wonderful flower shop. I would never want to share this place with anyone, ever! It’s my private place, and I would do anything to keep it that way.
Finally at work, I go in through the back door so I don't have to deal with the customers. I get my black coffee. I take a drink of it in. The taste is as if you drank the nastiest dirt ever. I don't know why I get coffee everyday. Maybe it's because that's my life, and I wouldn't like it any other way.
As I said before, I don't like strangers. I am a professional organizer for a local bank. I help them organize the paperwork, transfer information onto the computer, and occasionally rewrite information when the handwriting is unreadable. I get off work at five o’clock.
“Carson,” shouted my boss, “You may leave for the day. Thank you for your hard work.”
I gather my things and head home. We go the same way home as we go to work. The same road with the same things. Nothing ever changes. I'm the only one ever on this road, and I wouldn't dare change a thing about it. We walk in the front door. I roll the leash up and put it back in the drawer. I feed Frosting, eat dinner, and get ready for bed. This is how my day goes every single day. It never changes, but I like it that way. I wouldn't like my life any other way.
It’s October 12, 2008, and today is going just like any other day. Frosting and I are walking down the street. It is as quiet as ever; however, I hear something, “Hmmm, hmm, hmmm...” This isn't the sound of a bird or any other creature. This is the sound of a human humming. Now how could this be? I've never seen nor heard a person back here, ever. I follow the sound of the noise. It gets louder and louder until I feel like it is right next to me. I look around, and I see the source on the noise. It's a woman.
She has brown hair so long that it looks as if when she stands up, it will touch the ground, and her eyes are so blue that they look like drops of water from the ocean. She is gorgeous, but I don't understand where she came from. I know I said I don't like strangers, but there is just something about this one. I can not stop staring at her. I've been standing behind this tree, staring at her, for twenty minutes, exactly twenty minutes. She's just sitting there humming, reading a book, and swinging in the most beautiful way. All her beautiful qualities make me love her even more. I am mesmerized by her beauty.
I forget that I have Frosting, and I drop his leash. As soon as his leash hits the ground, Frosting runs to her. He's never done this before, ever. I don’t understand what is going on. It seems that before she even realizes what she is doing, she scoops him up into her arms.
“Where did you come from?” she asks.
I'm still standing behind the tree trying to analyze this very interesting situation. Then I realize I have to do something or she is going to take my dog! Without thinking, I jump out from behind the tree. She looks at me as I stand there. “Hi, my name is Carson, and well, that's my dog,” I managed to say.
Still holding Frosting and staring at me she says, “Hi, I’m Clara.”
I take a few steps closer not knowing what I am doing. She continues to look at me with those beautiful blue eyes. She looks down at Frosting,
“I'm sorry,” she says abruptly, “I didn't mean to take your dog.”
As she hands over Frosting I look into her beautiful eyes, ”It's fine. I'm just glad he's ok. I didn't know anyone else would be here, I've never seen anyone here before,” I continue, still staring into her eyes.
“Yeah,” she says, still making direct eye contact with me, “I just found this place a couple days ago.”
The next seven words changed everything. She says, “I plan on spending more time here.”
As those words leave her mouth, I can’t control myself. I don't know what comes over me; it just comes out. I start yelling at her, “What are you talking about?! Who do you think you are?! You can't just go into my street and think that you can claim it as your own! This is mine! You are not allowed to be here! This is my private place!” I scream at her, not knowing why, as she looks at me with tears in her beautiful eyes.
“I'm sorry sir, I didn't know. I didn't think that it was your private place,” she mumbls, with tears running down her face.
It hurts me so bad to see her cry. She starts to walk off, but it is too late. I am already too angry. I determine that I have to kill her, so I grab the closest thing to me. It is Frosting’s leash. I wrap it around her neck, and before I realize what I am doing, she is limp in my arms. I can't believe I just did that.
“What is wrong with me?” I ask myself. I leave her body just lying there, and I go home. Forget about work; I can't go.
Once we get back to the house, we walk in the front door, I roll the leash up, and put it back in the drawer. I feed Frosting, eat dinner, and get ready for bed. This is how my day goes every single day. It never changes but I like it that way, because I wouldn't like my life any other way.

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