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“Aghh!” The Ranger roared as he tripped on a large root. He was running away from a couple of assassins who just tried to annihilate him. His heart was racing and he had so much adrenaline that when he scraped his knees across the hard night earth, it didn't faze him. His horse, a special breed named Fireball, was waiting for him, hidden in a clearing in the woods. He was named Fireball because he was the quickest horse within 300 miles of the village, and his hair was a reddish brown color. The ranger took a sharp turn to the right side of the path to get his horse. He leaped onto his horse and waited mutely and perfectly still until the assassins were ahead of him, then, still, silently he emerged from the trees and shot them both in less than 3 seconds. All rangers were trained to be deadly accurate and amazingly fast with their weapons. The ranger may have killed both of the men, but he was still kind at heart. He buried them off the side of the path and the galloped off to the village.
    As he was about to ride to the outskirts of the village, where his cabin was, he heard someone shout his name. “Archer!” the man shouted. The ranger instantly turned around. The ranger worked with a bow and throwing knives, and his name was “Archer”, how ironic.  He also used a thick, sharp dagger. His knives were on a scabbard around his waist. “Yes, Xavier?”Archer groaned. Xavier was probably the most annoying and talkative person in the village. He was constantly wanting attention and usually bugged Archer above anyone else, however, he did so unknowingly. “I was wondering if we could have a drink and talk for a little?”Xavier questioned. Rangers were also trained to notice even the smallest of details. He could hear a bit of despair and rage in his voice and he knew that something was wrong." What's wrong?" Archer asked honestly. Voice cracking, Xavier proclaimed, "My wife and kids are dead. I think they were murdered." “Do you have any evidence?”, Archer asked. “I found I bloody knife in the barn in my backyard.” Archer sighed. “Okay, I’ll check it out. Let’s go!”
    A few minutes later, they arrived at the barn. Off to the side, you could see three graves for his wife and two kids. "I found them in here," Xavier said solemnly."By the horses." Archer walked over to where he signaled and started poking around to see if he could find some clues. The barn wasn't necessarily what someone would call "clean". He could see it was really dusty and there was lots of undergrowth like bushes and tall grasses. It was mid-September and the grass was browning and the bushes were losing their leaves. As he went closer to location Xavier’s family was found, he was interested in a bush. It looked almost like it was pulled up, then put back into the ground. He examined it, paying attention to every smallest detail. Trimmed there, extra bare there, and then he found a very helpful hint. There was a bit of string floating on a twig in the center of the bush. It kind of looked like… Yes! It was the same cloth material and purple color that the assassins trying to kill him earlier were wearing! “ Xavier, I think I have an idea who your killer is.”
    “Who is it?” Xavier asked excitedly and with anticipation. “ I am not positive, but I think it was someone in The Assassins.” “Huh? Who are they?” Xavier asked questioningly. “The Assassins is a group of people who smuggle Illegal weapons and medicines that will most likely hurt people.” So why are they called The Assassins?” Xavier implored. The Ranger was getting tired of all Xavier's questions, but he supposed it would be better to have him curious than angry that his questions weren't answered. " Anyone who gets in there way, or knows too much about them, gets killed," Archer explained. " My guess is that your wife and children were out here and saw them doing some business." Archer could see Xavier was flaming! "I'm so sorry Xavier," Archer said sincerely. "So they died because," Xavier's voice started cracking. " Because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time." " I'm afraid so," Archer said with sadness in his voice as well. He could see Xavier trying to hold back his tears. Then, he just started sobbing.  Sobbing more wildly than he had ever seen anyone before. " I'm sorry, just give me a minute," Xavier said, sniffling. While Xavier was calming down, Archer waited patiently. “Okay. I’m good,” Xavier said solemnly. “It's just a lot to process.” “I’ve was thinking of going after these guys anyway pretty soon. Might as well go after them now. I’ve got nothing better to do.” Archer said in a flat tone. “Okay. Thank you, Archer. It is much appreciated.
    Later that evening, Archer started preparing for his journey. He made sure to get plenty of arrows, his bow tightener, and some seasoning for his hunted meals every night. He also made sure to bring plenty of coffee beans. None of the rangers knew another ranger who didn't like coffee. He got everything collected and in his saddlebags when he saddled up Fireball. He put his saddle bags on and left the small town of Ironforge.
    A few days later on his journey, he stopped when he saw something very intriguing lying on the side of the road. He hopped off Fireball and went closer to examine it. After looking closely at every detail, he could see what it was. It was a dagger that the Assassins used! They were catching up! He ran back to Fireball and leaped up so easily, it was like he was on the Moon! He urged Fireball into a full gallop and continued on his hard and long journey. 
    A week had passed since he started on his way to find the Assassins, and he had finally found them. He had flattened himself to the ground, watching as they were preparing to eat. He hadn't yet spotted their commander, but he guessed he was in the big tent planning their next deal. He could see the chefs by the fire making today's lunch, soup. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone walk into the large tent,  he guessed was the commander's, and disappear from view. 
    He started to make his way down the hillside he was on, blending in with the small mid-day shadows. He needed to get in that tent! All the soldiers were wearing clothing somewhat similar to his, minus his cloak. All of them had also removed their cloak and probably set it in their own tent. So, what Archer did was take off his cloak, neatly fold it into a secret pocket, and continued down to the big tent. Rangers were always taught to never look like you were snooping. If you didn't appear to be sneaking around, nobody had any reason to believe so. He had been running his plan through his mind ever since he started down the slope. He would walk in the tent and simply say, "There is a problem, sir. The chefs need your opinion on something." The fire was far enough away that he was hoping that it would distract them long enough so he could look around a little. He would find the location of their next deal and get the heck out of this place.
    He went inside the tent and everything went exactly as planned until one of the commander's recruits walked in as he was looking at the private map. "Hey!" the man shouted. Before he could even take another step, Archer had shot him in the heart, and he fell back onto the rocky, hard ground. He found the next location, memorized it and started to leave again. They were going to leave the following morning and get to the next destination in a little less than a day! Archer had to go. He had to go now.
    The deal would take place in a small town called Sharpton. He would have to go to the edges of the town and camp high in the trees. When Archer was younger he would oftentimes be climbing trees in the evening and he would get so tired he would climb up to a spot and sleep for the rest of the night, so this should be easy. He leaped onto Fireball and remembered the map in his brain, he had to go south, and then a little bit west. Thing is, he had a head start.
    The next day was hard. He was riding almost the entire night and he wanted to take a break very badly, but he knew if he wanted a chance, he had to keep going. He would warn the townspeople and would tell them to prepare for a fight, and then take them into a spot near the scene the arrangement would take place. Archer would then take his spot in the trees only a few meters away. After he told the villagers, he went to his spot and took a nice nap, while still staying alert. 
    Later that night, he could see the Assassins arriving. Finally, it was time. Archer had been anticipating this moment all day. He would get to take down this band. He chose a spot in the trees that he would be able to see everything that was happening and would be able to take them out. He was trying to make out who was doing the deal with the Assassins and saw who looked a lot like the mayor! Archer decided it was time to finish this group once and for all! He gave the signal to the villagers hiding in the woods waiting for his signal and they all charged out. The ranger pulled out his throwing knife as he was falling and threw it at the commander in mid-air. Spot-on! He hit him right on the shoulder and he was mad! Then Archer pulled out his large dagger and drove it into one of the Assassins. Multiple band members walking up after hearing the war cries and shouts of pain. Archer groaned with annoyance as he saw them. "Surround them!" he shouted to the villagers. They did as they were told and immediately went around behind them and spread out evenly. They started attacking them and Archer shouted at them to stop. He didn't want them dead. He needed them alive. That way, he could figure out who killed Xavier's family. Archer walked over to the clump and told them to hand over their weapons if they didn't want to be harmed. They all did and soon, Archer had a big pile of knives and other weapons lying to his side. "Let's go," Archer told everyone in his range.
    After they arrived at Sharpton, Archer continued to interrogate each and every one of the Assassins. Before he started, he had put the mayor in jail for doing deals with them. after around half an hour, he finally got a confession out of one of them who said he had had to take a few people out in Ironforge because they were seen. He had sent many of the Assassins off with a group of villagers to other towns and cities because they didn't have a big enough jail. Archer got the one who killed Xavier's family, and 5 others. He rode back to Ironforge to put his group in jail and give Xavier the good news.
     Later, after he had brought the Assassins to jail, he stopped at Xavier's house and knocked on the door. It took a few seconds, but Xavier came to the door and asked with lots of hope, "Did you get him?" Archer replied shortly after “Yes. In fact, I got all of them.” “Wow!” Xavier said with surprise. “You are an amazing person! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.” And with that, the conversation was over. Xavier had closed the door and gone back inside. Archer didn't care much. He was partly just glad that the conversation didn't last for ten minutes as he expected it to. But also, he knew that Rangers’ jobs were to protect and defend the townsfolk and he shouldn’t need thanks at all. Archer left to his cabin and was glad to have everything back to normal again when someone ran up to him and shouted “Archer! I need you!” He replied with a monotone “Yes?” "I found my wife dead this morning. Could you look into it?” “All right,” Archer said even though his mind was thinking, “Aghhhh. Here we go again.”

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