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I walked through the lively hallway watching what I presumed to be everyone watching me in disgust I went through my Good Enough Checklist,

    Is your outfit good enough?

Heaven forbid anyone knowing you shop at thrift stores because your parents can’t afford much.

Does your makeup look just right?

No one wants to see the horrid sight of your utterly hideous face without it.

    Is your hair perfect?

No one wants to see you're unbearably unattractive baby hairs stick up naturally.

    Don’t even make eye contact with the weird-kids, you don’t want to be mistaken as one of them.

    You watch in envy as the most popular girl in the whole middle school strut down the hallway. She is gorgeous always wore the latest trends, and had those Adidas shoes, that your parents could never afford. She had respect from the whole school; something you envy.

    But you fail to realize she envies you. You're happy, you have real friends; which she lacks of. You don’t have friends who flake away like chipped nail polish, she does. Her life isn’t as perfect as you thought it was. She wants to be you

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