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A gigantic wave is coming, dragging everything under the turbulent water, getting closer and closer!  I stumble backwards, staring at the wave, then gaze down at my feet.  Standing on the beach, I have been watching the cold, salty ocean water climb farther and farther up the beach and wash up against my feet making them sink into the heavy sand. But the blue-green ripples are soon melted away by white foam.  Then I pull my feet out of the soggy sand so they aren’t buried.  Scanning the large wave with my eyes, I notice something.  The wave’s pulling a group of shadowy blurs with it!  I gasp!  What are they?  A few clusters of seaweed?  Or are the blurry shapes animals?  They are flat and dark, but when their sides gently flap up, moving with the ocean, I can see that their undersides are white.  Stingrays!  I wade towards them and reach my hand out feeling their smooth, slippery backs.       

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