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The village of Veggie Territory was being attacked by thieves.

Chief Pig was the recently elected king. “Round up the army!” he shouted.

The Veggie Territory army tried to stop the thieves, but they swiftly dodged the heavy guards trying to hit them and stole the priceless jewels they always wanted. A little rabbit, who witnessed the whole fight from his play area in his cozy home, was confused about how Chief Pig was defending.

“I know exactly what I’m meant for when I grow up!” the little rabbit said.


That rabbit would soon be the king of his people. He lived in a tranquil village in the vast green meadows of the countryside. Many animals lived there: rabbits, frogs, pigs, and monkeys. Because the citizens were passive and mostly herbivores, their village was known as “Veggie Territory.” However, a few miles away, another village lurked hidden in the outskirts of the forest, consisting of lions, wolves, tigers, and hawks. Those animals were ferocious and cunning, inhabiting “Meat Territory.” The rabbit knew he could lead Veggie Territory, preparing for any harm that could inflict them. When he was younger, his dad would always teach him how to confront enemies that could dare hurt him, and he seemed to enjoy the military tactics his dad taught him. He even bought toy tanks and soldiers and played around with them. Now, he wanted his childhood dream to become reality. If only he knew how to get there…


The rabbit went over to his friend’s house. His friend was the pig. They were friends since they were babies.

“Ok, so I’m trying to become king-”

The pig interrupted him.

“A KING?!?!? How? Be thankful you have a house to live in, let alone a village, so don’t get too ambitious!”

The rabbit was disgusted by his friend’s remarks.

“We’ve lost every battle we’ve come across! It’s a miracle our village is still running to this day! I’ll become king myself and change what is happening right now!

He left the pig’s house and thought about how he could become king. “I can get myself a TAIL!” he exclaimed to himself. “I will look unique, noble, and quite fashionable. Then I will look like a true king.” And so he set off on his quest to find a tail.


He soon encountered a frog’s shop, who was a tailor for the village. The frog was short and wide with a monocle in the left eye. He looked like a professor from a prestigious university.

“What can I do for you today?” the frog politely asked.

“I want to have a tail,” the rabbit said confidently. He could imagine it in his head, like a furry badge of royalty attached to his body.

“Rabbits are not supposed to have tails! What do you want a tail for?”

The rabbit was nervous to answer.

“Well, um, to be the king of our village. I don’t like the way our current king is handling our defenses, and I think I could do much better.”

“Why, Chief Pig is not TOO bad at the moment.”

The rabbit was running out of patience.

“Well, make the tail already! I want to match it with the color of my fur, maybe some brown stripes to embellish it.”

The frog didn’t object, and, being a quick and intelligent one, finished making the tail in 20 minutes flat.

“Nice,” the rabbit said as he paid the money, “Now I shall become king!” He attached his tail to himself and went on his way.


Meanwhile, the citizens of the village were panicking.

“Our messenger delivers bad news!” Chief Pig announced. “The village over there, Meat Territory, is preparing to launch an attack on us! Set up the defenses and brace for impact!”

When the rabbit returned, the pig warned him about it.

“Dude, Meat Territory wants to invade our town! You’re always boasting about being a more reliable and strategic king, so here’s your chance. What do you advise???”

“Allow me to be of service,” the rabbit said. He went to a group of worried citizens and shouted, “EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME!!! I KNOW WHAT TO DO IN THIS SITUATION! FOLLOW ME AND I WILL PROVE TO YOU THAT I CAN BE A BETTER KING!!!”

The crowd turned to him, astonished.

“How can we trust you?”

“Why does a rabbit have a tail?”

“Is he even one of our kind?”

The rabbit was sweating. “I’ll explain-”

“Does that mean you’re trying to challenge Chief Pig for the throne?” someone asked.

“Well, we need a better defense, not like the one Chief Pig is currently using. No matter what kind of enemy comes, he just employs the same strategy every single time and hopes for the best. So clear our cannons and guards, they are too slow for the approaching carnivores. We need something quick and agile. In order to keep our village alive, we need archers. They reload faster than cannons and have quicker movement speed. Who volunteers?”

Several frogs immediately raised their webbed hands.

“Ok, you guys can practice aiming and the art of the bow and arrow. Now, we also need more mobile guards. Our current guards are equipped with too much armor, and cannot keep up with the agile fighting of wolves, lions, and tigers. Armor is not going to do much against teeth which can shred through metal, anyway. We need to resemble nimble and swift karate-style fighters in order to counter the Meat Territory’s aggressive and offensive tactics. Who’s up for guarding?”

Many monkeys were more than willing to help.

“Perfect. Now train ardently in the art of karate and the staff! We have no time to waste!”

The citizens of Veggie Territory seemed pretty happy about how the rabbit was handling the situation. Chief Pig came over to see what was going on.

“What is the meaning of this? Where are my guards and cannons?”

“Ummm, Your Majesty, one of our rabbits took action and got rid of them,” someone brave enough to speak said.

“How dare he take control of a king’s power? Seize him!”

             No one moved.

 “You heard me, SEIZE HIM!!!”

 “Well, Your Majesty, we actually liked what he was doing, so-”

 “WHAT? Do you listen to a mere citizen rather than a king? What is that rabbit up to?

 “I’m terribly sorry, Your Majesty, but we must depend on him to save Veggie Territory.”


The wolves, lions, tigers, and hawks were all sharpening their claws, ready for the invasion. They stealthily snuck into the forest to set traps.

“I hate how those tiny little veggie-eaters have their own TERRITORY to themselves,” Chief Lion said. How can a bunch of tiny rabbits, crazy monkeys, lazy frogs, and smelly pigs own such a huge piece of land for doing absolutely nothing? We will seize their land and hold them as captives. They will be very useful for doing our household chores.” He and his army howled with laughter.

After preparing everything they needed, they started to head out.


The army cheered. This was Chief Lion’s opportunity to prove he was the strongest king of the realm.


“Oh no! I see them coming!” the pig said while looking at a telescope. “Dude, get ready to lead your army of karate fighters and archers!”

The rabbit was surprised at how large Meat Territory’s army was. “I got this. No need to fear; just stay positive.”

“Guys, they are officially here! Let’s fight to save our village! LET’S SAVE VEGGIE TERRITORY!!!”

The army cheered and charged into battle. The battle took place in the great deep forest of the countryside, in between Meat and Veggie Territory. The wolves, lions, and tigers charged in with full speed, trampling anybody in their way. The hawks flew into the air, and whenever seeing an opportunity, swooped in and snatched a target from the ground. The swift monkeys were enough to stop the wolves, who were the worst fighters of the Meat Territory army. However, the lions and tigers were too massive and aggressive to handle. As the monkeys tried to run away, they saw the bright, shiny claws of the lions ready to pounce on them as if they were cats chasing mice. The frog archers hit their targets with precise accuracy from afar, but the lions were too thick-skinned to get injured from puny arrows. The arrows hit the lions but, instead of piercing through their skin, ricocheted off the fur. The hawks, however, were sniping very well, in their own way. They snatched many monkeys and returned them to Meat Territory, where they would be enslaved. Every second the battle went on, the Veggie Territory army was being devastated, one by one. The blood the monkeys shed was as bright as a fresh, healthy rose. The lions were triumphing in glory as they obliterated the Veggie Territory’s defenses apart. The frog archers were safe and sound in their camp back there, but only to witness the terrible defeat of the army on the battlefield.

“Oh no, this isn’t looking too good,” the rabbit said. “Carnivores are surely a force to reckon with.” His army was being demolished before his eyes. He knew that if he didn’t do something, Veggie Territory would be lost. He realized he himself had to go into battle, but what weapons did he possess?

Aghhh, I have no weapons in my hands, not a gun or a bow, the rabbit thought to himself, but if I can use something - SOMETHING to save my kingdom, what would it be?

He then realized that he had his tail, that endorsement of royalty he was longing to have.

My tail! I can use my own tail! Better than any other weapon in the world, it’s my tail!

The rabbit was suddenly determined to save the village. It was his home, after all! His visage was one of determination and bravery, similar to Superman’s when the great hero decided to save Metropolis.                        

As he charged boldly into battle, the remaining monkeys of the army were confounded.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to save Veggie Territory once and for all! Assist me, if you will!”

He audaciously charged in with some monkeys following behind him. The lions who saw him stopped fighting at once, distracted and befuddled.

“Ummm, is that a rabbit with a tail?”

“New species confirmed?”

WHACK! The rabbit launched into the air with help from the monkeys and swung around, whipping his tail smack in the face of one of the lions. However, his tail was like cotton, so it only caressed the lion’s skin.

“THAT fluffy thing can stop me? HAHAHA!” the lion mocked.

The rabbit had to think of an idea. “Quick, monkeys, get me some wood from the trees and attach it to my tail!”

The monkeys obeyed and went to chop some trees. They retrieved some melted ammunition from the frogs and used it to adhere the wood to the rabbit’s tail, transforming the rabbit into a lethal spinning machine. The monkeys catapulted the spinning rabbit - a tornado-like projectile - knocking all of the lions like dominoes with one fatal swing. The lions created a symphony of thuds on the ground, as dirt and tree leaves flew everywhere, engulfing the scene. The battle in the forest could’ve been heard from miles away. The wood did so much damage to the Meat Territory’s army that soon enough they started to retreat. The rabbit, the monkeys, and the frogs eventually drove the Meat Territory army out of the forest, and at last, the battle was over. The Meat Territory army had capitulated.

“How did a rabbit defeat us???” Chief Lion shouted at his bruised army. “He’s just a puny little rabbit!”

The Veggie Territory army had miraculously pulled off! All because the rabbit swiftly changed tactics and bravely joined the battle. When he returned to the village, everybody was cheering.


“Aw, nothing huge, just a battle won,” the rabbit said modestly. “And be sure to rescue our soldiers held captive in Meat Territory.”

Chief Pig witnessed in horror. Did he just lose his position as the king of Veggie Territory?

“LISTEN TO ME, CITIZENS OF VEGGIE TERRITORY! You are not to betray me when some random citizen comes by and usurps the throne!”

The same citizen who was brave enough to speak before answered, “He literally saved our kingdom from the most feared army in the realm! Would it have been the same if YOU had led the army?”

Hearing this, Chief Pig had nothing to say. Defeated, he just sauntered away, both disheartened and furious at the same time, humiliated as well. He never returned to the land again. The rabbit, now promoted to Chief Rabbit, was overjoyed to finally achieve his dream from the very beginning. He provided something that the citizens desperately needed, which led to his unexpected reign. As the Veggie Territory lived happily ever after, they would always remember the one average rabbit with a tail who accomplished the extraordinary and stopping the losing streak in battles, once and for all.









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