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I scream, feeling her large hand picking me up to where I see my mistress’s pastry wrinkled face with her white eyes. “Now, Bailey, don’t run from me,” Mistress whispers, her dull monotone voice sends me to shiver. “You saw things you weren’t supposed to see, now you will have to pay.”

Tears stream down my face, I struggle to break free but her grip is keeping me down. My Mistress’ eyes go white and immediately a beam of white light comes at me. A numb feeling overwhelms me, I smile and bear the pain occurring within me with all my thoughts being brought in like mail while my brain is fried.

“There we go,” Mistress purrs. “Perfect, like me. Now, we won’t have any more trouble, right?”

She then takes over my mouth, and I say, “No my lady.”

“Good, now you and I will get along very well,” She continues, ending off with a grin. “Why yes, very well indeed.”

She and I start to laugh, a hollow, bitter laugh that gets louder with each echo. I want to cry, but I can’t with my smile that I am fading away to black, losing who I am.

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