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The Forests Justice


Once upon a time, there lived a mother hyena, who had 3 cubs. She and her cubs lived in a gloomy forest, which was a box packed with crisis. The forest usually had a shadowy atmosphere. No one EVER dared to go in that murky place. It was even usual for an approaching of a ghostly shadow. The nights were crowded with spine-chilling, spooky howls of raging wild wolfs. And in the morning the light was never able to rip through the darkened leaves. The leaves were as if they were glued to each other, and if you were in that dangerous place you wouldn’t have even knew the difference of day and night. And be careful once you’ve entered that never-ending zone then here is my message: you’ll never get out.

Low Lions:

And on one jolly morning, “Children, you have to listen to me I’m going to fetch and hunt you a young meat-full antelope for you and stay in place and Never go over the limit, you know the limit is this tree NEVER EVER go over it.” The mother announced. “But what is after the tree, mom?” inquired one of the cubs. “There is a deadly world out there, just wait till tomorrow and you’ll know everything,” the mom continued, “You SURE don’t want you getting in the risk of getting ripped into smithereens by the pointy paws of a disrespectful lion. You see this ruby red scratch on my left-back leg, it was because of a leopard and always remember that we (hyenas) seek revenge until we get our rights!” yelled their mom angrily. Her roars could have been heard 20 kilometres away.

Jundt’s Hunt

Just as their mom left, “Guys what do we do know?” questioned cub 2. “Let’s go and mess around in the river!” commanded cub 1. “Yes, I really welcome that idea, I agree!” exclaimed cub 3. “But, remember mum saying that we shouldn’t cross that tree,” quarrelled cub 2. “We can play tag in this secure zone.” Club 1 and 3 just overlooked club 2’s idea and galloped like a horse over the tree and into the awaiting danger. Meanwhile, a pride of lions (approximately 100 – 500 lions) were looking for food, “Now everybody, I am Jundt, hunt for yourselves, and survive for yourselves as you know this is separating time, when every lion is for himself!” yelled Jundt - the leader. The separating looked like criminals running from a police man. Each one ran in a unique direction, they were in a circle huddled together now the circle was getting bigger and bigger until each lion was about 5 miles away from the other lion.

Worried Wails

Regrettably, one of the filthy leopards - the one who scratched the cub’s mom - pussyfooted the pride and hunted without telling her husband or anyone. She found the three cubs. “Brothers, shouldn’t we be at the safe zone?” enquired cub 2 wearily. Yes, you should be in there or you’ll be my prey thought the leopard to herself. The mother was just coming back with a desiring antelope. “Boys I just came bo..boys? Boys! Where are you, I just hunted with the clan or what I call a cackle (a group of hyenas)!” cried their mom. The children could hear their mother’s screeches. “MOM! HELP! A LEOPARD CAME! DO YOU HEAR US!? PLEASE, I AM SO SORRY I DISOBEYED YOU, MOM! COME HELP! HELP! URGENT, HELP NEEDED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH….” They howled as loud as they could. “I can hear you my sons, where are you!” bawled their mother. But suddenly, an alarming silence hit the forest. “Kids! Kids! Kids! Where are you ?!?” cried out the mom. And she scoured for her children… and she finally found bits of bones and meat on the floor, cherry-red blood was everywhere and who ever killed her children took their meat and left their bones lying on the floor! This was the Most -and in this most, I really mean most, but not just any most I mean it in bold - unpleasant moment in her life. ‘I swear who ever killed my sons will get killed even if I had to die,’ thought the mother hyena to herself. ‘Revenge’. That word appeared in the mother’s mind. “Whatever it costs me I will do it even it meant my life, their life, me and my husband’s life, that person will get killed by a hyena,” she muttered to herself “My husband isn’t here yet, but he’ll come back this day.”

Eager-making Excellent Exciting Evidence:

The next day, the vulturine mother felt very tragicomical because of yesterday’s situation. But despite her tragic feelings, she was overpowered just to take her rights. But later that day, she went back to where her children were slaughtered to look for evidence to judge who murdered her sons to revenge. The broken-hearted hyena found some scratches on the floor and, blood was circling the scratch as if the blood were guards who were protecting the scratch - the king. Then the mother, who wasn’t a mother anymore, remembered something instantly, the scratch on the floor matched the one on her body! There was no way to explain it, except as if it was the one the hyena fought in the past was the one who also put down her sons.

Embarrassing Explanation:

When the husband came, “Hi, I am back boys I have got a surprise for you happy birthd…. Boys guys is anyone in here Ummm… Hi? Hello is this a joke or ...” pried the husband. “Hello nice to see you I have truly negative news…. Huh … it’s ... your ... our kids got murd... ered,” struggled the hyena.” WHAT ARE YOU SAYING MURDERED BY WHO!?!?!” roared the hyena. “It was by the leopard that made this crimson scratch you see on my back-left leg it was because of that filthy, unlovable criminal. The leopard that I call: The repulsive rival.

Ravening Revenge:

It was a dim, showery evening, which was weird for hyenas because rain was mythical for them in their forest. Howls were made everywhere, hyenas were sending messages via the howls. Which was like the enigma code for lions, but the hyenas were were getting ready to fight and take their rights. Now was the second, suddenly hyenas dashed from nowhere into the lions, and the lions were so scared that they were petrified which made them all freeze and made their jaws widely open from shock and a ferocious fight began, there was not a single millimetre left in the jungle without blood spilling on it. The hyenas were in their cackle together, but the lions’ pride was separated. Each lion was for himself. Not even one lion thought about saving the other one. “Remember, stay together. We are actually weaker than them, but together we’ll be stronger!” roared the leader (the husband). The fight continued and continued and continued… Until the two rivals met. “Finally we met,” the evil leopard cackled. THUD! One of the trees fell because of the showery weather. “1 versus 1! Good, fair!” continued the leopard. Then the hyena howled into the ink-black sky. And an awful lot of hyenas came jumping out of the bushes and trees and formed an overlarge, gargantuan, king-sized, stupendous, voluminous army of wild crazy hyenas which circled around the poor leopard. As quick as a lightning flash, the mission was all done, and the leopard was slayed.” Now it’s fair!” exclaimed the new queen.


Moral of story: In Union Force.

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