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Mother always said not to go into the basement but why? Why couldn't I?. My dad left when I was only 11, and that's when she really started to say I couldn't go down there, now 5 years later I still can’t. I guess that's just the way it was. I walked into the house and saw her go down there. She shut the door quickly”. I wait for her to walk back up the stairs and into the living room. And I see the big door and the tiny handle and reach for it like it was my destiny to find out what it was inside. I wake up and gasp. “Was it real?’ I said”.” It was just a dream, but was it really?”. I run to the basement when I get to the bottom I see the concrete floor and turn my head to the left and a breeze of this stench came from under the stairwell it smelled like something I never smelled before, I had to plug my nose it was so bad. I walk toward the stench and saw a hand in a bag. I gasp and feel a tear trickling down my cheek.

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