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What happens after you die?

I lay in bed, unable to sleep. The moonlight glares through my window and casts strange shadows across my room. When I can’t sleep, I think. And thinking at this hour, when I should be of in some wondrous dream world, is dangerous.

But I can’t stop thinking about it. That question. What does happen when you die?

Do you get reborn as a baby again? That’s what I use to think a lot. In that case, I your mind completely and totally wiped of all memories of your past life? Is that why I get déjà vu sometimes? Is it my mind trying to remember past experiences?

Will I go to Heaven based on my actions? Or simply mu beliefs? What will it be like?

Why does God take good people away from their family and the ones they love?

Is there an answer to that question?

No. Simply put, there’s really no way to know. People can believe what they choose, and I’m comfortable with that, but as far as I’m concerned, I just want to live the best life possible. With the ones I love.

I can fall asleep with that thought…

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