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She stared at the light at the surface. It was so pretty, it soothed her. When she opened her eyes and stared at it from below, she felt her floating body instantly relax. She stopped fighting the cold that was taking over her body, stabbing her like a million tiny needles until her nerves shorted out and went numb.

   She knew her body was screaming at her to do something, but the shouting was muffled by the intense calm she felt washing her body. The burning in her lungs was nothing more than a dull ache. Bubbles drifted by her face and the yelling got louder.

  Loud enough to draw her attention.

  She tried to draw in a breath but that ended when her lungs caught on fire. Sophie struggled and screamed, swimming to the surface, trying to find the hole she fell through. Slamming her hands onto the ice, her punches got weaker and weaker, until she just couldn’t fight anymore.

  Sophie floated on her back, staring at the dimming light at the surface. As she began to close her eyes a hand broke through the water and grabbed her. Saving her from the black water that consumed her.

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