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Deep impression

 Jang was walking along High Street. Taking a turn on the left, he reached the City Square, which kept lots of his student memories. The memories of his ebullient age of 17, at which he met a girl falling for him. They knew each other by playing together in the beginning of City’s festival rehearsal. Though he knew the way she secretly expressed her feeling, through her peek, he ignored all. Till one day, he accidentally met her bright smile, his heart went up and down; however, she had no feeling with him anymore. And time passed. It has been a year since they graduated from high school, they came across in the City Square. Under the bright sunshine, he realized her smile, he remembered to the previous time. They looked at each other for a while. 

-Long time no see. For the first time, I am initiative in love - Jang talked to the girl with a tender look.

She smiled cynically in reply.