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The feeling of knowing what happened, seeing what happened, and not doing anything. That feeling that will stay at the bottom of my stomach forever. That one feeling that will not let anyone sleep a peaceful night. The feeling that everyone around will hate me if they found out. Except someone the only person I can feel comfortable around, someone I can trust. The only thing is, can they beat all the obstacles and reach me or will it be too late?  Will they give up halfway or will they even start?


    My name is Naomi Lucy Main, I am a twenty-one years old. I try to live a normal life, but it is hard to with my past. I am about to be a freshman at Mains College. This college was made by my family, my parents wanted the best school for me. This school is for the richest and well-known families only. Also, what I like to call the rudest school, everyone wants to show off their diamond earrings and gold necklaces.


    “Naomi,” I hear a faint voice yell, “Naomi Main!”


I jump up and slam my book shut, I see Aunt Luna looking around on the top of the hill. Her light pink gown pulled up so, it will not touch the dirty ground. Her plump face which matched her pink gown. I can hear her mumble under her breath. I try to figure out what she was saying…


Then I realized, oh no, today is the day. I quickly gather everything around me. I throw everything in my bag and sprint towards the house. When I reach the gate of the mansion I see George. I head towards my room which is in his direction. When George looks my way I head towards him.


“George, if anyone asks I am not in my room,” I whisper as I walk by.


“Ok, bye,” I hear him say as I run towards my room.


    I turn around and mouth, “Thank you.”


    George smiles, George is a forty-five year old man. He is my personal butler and cook. George is a funny guy he is more a father then my real dad is. My dad is thirty-nine years old. He was never around after my mom died everyone says that he died as well but, I know he is out there. Not wanting anything to do with me, the only thing he does is provide a house, food, and servants. My dad, Francisco Mario Banteen Main, never actually seen me in person or talked to me since I was six years old. Back then I was as cute as a button, now I am just a normal human. Some say that I am a spitting image of my mom, but she is way prettier than I am. My mom had very long brown hair with blond streaks and bright blue eyes. Even though, I look a lot like my mom I still received my darker skin color from my dad. I only seen a few pictures of my dad and I do not fully remember what he looks like.


George tries to keep me safe and avoids telling me anything about my family. George says I act like my mom when I am scared or mad. Maybe that is why he know where my secret hideout is. I ran up the stairs towards my room and slowly open the door. The loud scream of my door could be heard across the world. I flinch hoping not to be heard I slowly close the door with another loud screech. I throw my book bag onto the foot of my bed and bend down. I pull out a box from under my bed and set it onto my dresser. I open the box and pull out a journal, pencil, and a key. A very old key that could not be found at any normal store.


I tuck the key into my back pocket and head towards the door. I open the door again preparing myself to hear a loud creak. I slowly open the door hearing only what I expected. Then, I put my foot out slowly trying to do something I do not know what it is. Maybe I saw it in a movie or something. Perhaps I thought it was more suspenseful. I rushed to the stairway and peeked around the corner.


“Cut! Anna, you are doing it wrong,” I heard the director yell, “from the top!”


After I finished doing the scene for the one-hundredth time we were able to go home. It is very tiring being the head actress, though it is very exciting. We started filming back in May, this movie has changed many times. Every time we had to reshoot the scene with even for the smallest difference. Sometimes, because someone looked towards the wrong person or rolled their eyes the wrong way. Once, we had to reshoot a scene from about a month ago because they did not like a background actors outfit. I sometimes wish I stayed at home on my phone, admiring actresses in shows and movies. Instead, people stay at home admiring me and the movies I am in.


When I reached my apartment I stumbled into my bed. Then a huge relief went over my shoulders. Even though this is my dream job it is very tiring. “When will this movie be finished,” I wondered. Naomi Lucy Main has been my life for the past two months. What will I do afterwards, am I going to find another movie or will I take a short break. Some fans may be devastated if I made the decision of taking a break. I really need some time off though. Being an actress is not easy. Some days I can barely leave my apartment because of the poparazzi.


When I was younger I used to say my family is all I care about.  I prefer them over my friends, but now I rarely have time to see them. If I can take a break from work that would be the first thing I do. I would head back to Arizona, where I was born and visit my family. They were very supportive on my decision of moving in order to pursue my dream job. I moved to California when I was 20 years old. I have lived in Los Angeles, California for five years now. At first I was at acting school learning, but now I am one of the most famous actress alive. Of course I will still have hard times in my feature, but I will have to surpass them.

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