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I feel my heart racing faster and faster. I jerk out of bed, my heart still pounding. Not again, not that dream. I feel it getting harder to breath. I slide my feet off the side of the bed. The only light is that of the sun creeping through the curtains cracks.


    I leave my room as quiet as one can be. The house is as dark as the night sky. I stumble as I attempt to walk through the cold dark house. I feel the house getting colder and colder. I can not decide whether it is the cold stare of the darkness or did the temperature go down.


I find my way to the door which glows and glistens from the beams of sunlight. I slowly open it trying not to become blinded by the light. I step outside where the sun embraces me in its arms and the breeze glides my hair along with it. This is the life the one that we all want. Everyone has it they just do not realize it. Step outside forget your problems and just breath.

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