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Your heart's rhythm falters to match the song's. Lyrics crawling right beneath your skin make you face this now. The singer’s voice echoes away, you don't know why you have to scream. Confusing what's real, the sound isn’t coming from your lungs. Moving one step closer to the edge, you remember hours spent singing along. Inside you realize, you have some clarity to see what the singer means.
Each band member has their own story to cover their faces - pushed aside by lies. Stories in the bone-rattling shouts coming from the speakers over your back have you realize, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. When you can't stop what you're hearing within, the walls close around you with too much pressure to take.
You’re playing it over and over again; this band can’t be outdone. Needing a whirlwind inside of your head, you turn on a live performance - breaking the habit.
Your eyes close, head bobbing with the backbeat as you're suffocating - about to break. There's nothing you can say as the singer takes a deep breath and a rocker’s scream escapes his mouth. The final masquerade; the shaking inside your ribcage - it gives you reason.

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