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Have you ever been to an orphanage before? I have.They teach you badly, and the food there is so bad it’s like eating your own barf. This story is not about barfing. It’s about our friend named Darren. He wants to escape with his two best friends named Melanie and JB. Darren promised them that he would help bust them out of  the orphanage place tomorrow.

Melanie is the branis, and Jb is the muscle, and Darren is the master planner.


Melanie remembered that the owner hid the key somewhere in the cafeteria. The crew decided  to sneak around the building at night because everyone is sleeping so they don’t get caught.Then Darren  remembered that the orphanage hired a night crew that will protroll. Then JB thought of something that they would have to be  steal fly so they don’t get caught by the guards. While the boys were arguing Melanie was making a plan to not get caught by the guards. Melanie told them “Hey guys!” JB and Darren got surprised  they immediately stopped and started to listen to Melanie's plan to doge the guards.”Ok guys so here’s the plan is that JB you will go ahead and distract while me and Darren .Go and deactivate the laser shields ok” “sure.” Then the gang went with the plans but  they didn't know that they were watching them with their cameras so that really foiled their plan to get out of the orphanage.Then the gang decided to go with their plan while the people that own the place go for their plan.While the people trying to get in the cameras our heros decided to go with the plan.Darren  went with Mel to go and deactivate the shields Darren said “Hey Mel give me a boost would you please.”Then while darren and Mel got bussy JB went to go and go and disable the shields.He tried to do put in the passcode in that he knew but it didn't work so he.Then he started to digging around his pocket and found his walkie talkie and switch it to where he can hear  MEL, and DARREN .”Hey Darren we kind of have a problem with the code it doesn't work? “Crap i knew that that code was wrong”.”Well why did you give you give it to me anyway?” Fine i will give you another one ok!” “The new one is 54132 ok you got that mate?” “ yep thanks” Then JB got in and took the key but he forgot that the guards were still after him. He ran as fast as he could then he ran back to their  room and he was able to escape them for a couple of minutes but then the.Guards came in and busted him so he got scared and hide somewhere they can’t find him.The person who was after JB so then he grabbed the guy and punched him in the face. Then he said “ow”. Then JB said “ Guy’s i punched a guy in the face”. They are so surprised because JB is not never of those types that likes to punch people.Darren calls JB on his walkie talkie “Hello uh… Jb i just heard some  grunting noises, and some weird punching noises on the walkie can you give me a update on what happen.” “ok so what happen was that well how can i put this in a nice way so i punched a guard in the face and it felt so good man it was the best thing in my life!”Awsome bro so did you get the keycard like i told you to do before you punched the guard in the face.” “ um…. Yeah i have the key card with me right now where do you want to meet me at Darren?” “ Meet me at the cafeteria ok and please don’t lose the keycard man because that will put a big fall to the mission ok”   “ OK be there in 5 minutes”. “ In the meantime could you call Melanie for me please JB i want to know if she is doing good.” “ alright then i will call her for you mate “ bring bring. “ Uh… hello JB is that you what do you need me for”. “ OK so Darren told me to get you to the cafeteria quickly because I just found the keycard so we can get the key to open the door to find the guy and take him down you with me?. “ Hey guys it’s me your leader Darren i got some news also Jb punched his first bad guy.” How we celebrate guys when we bust out of here we can eat some of my cousins famous   chocolate pie for Jb alright and i promise that my cousin has a xbox 1s that we can play with when we get there alright.” “Cool also guys that punch felt so good man it was the best thing in the world all i did is punch him in the fricken face also i got his keycard.” Then JB thought of something new that he had never done before.Then he decided to go and find another guard so he can’t find the other’s so he went to the main lounge. So then Jb went to the rest of the gang right after he escaped the guard.Darren said “ Guys i think i found the main door exit come on lets go i have the key .” I have the  Id wristband.” I have the KeyCard” Then they noticed something behind them the orphanage sended a whole army of guards to come after them. Darren said “ ahhh Crap guys we have a problem”Jb said” but guys they are all the way over there and we are almost about to smash right into the door. ahhhh. Then they quickly got up and opened the door with the items that they had with them this whole journey.Then the door started to open really slowly and everyone freaked out because the guards are like two minutes away to caching them. Then the moment of truth the door opened and then the kids went free and to Darren cousins house to live there forever


         The End



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