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There will come a time when all of us are gone, a time when the world will be quiet

And the only sounds that are left will be the ones of nature

The rain pitter pattering the leaves of the great trees

The boom of the thunder, the crack of the lightning

The howling of the wind as if it has suffered a great loss

The rushing of the waters in the rivers and streams

The sound of the waves crashing on the beaches


And the sounds of the animals will slowly go,

The chittering of the dolphins in the clear blue oceans

The mooing of the cows and the quacking of the ducks

And the sounds of the birds chirping will no longer be there,

Because they will be gone too


And vegetation will reign, slowly creeping into the broken down homes

That no longer hold a family

Slowly taking over it all until the Earth is just one big spherical mess of green and blue

Global warming will cease to exist,

Because there will be no more people left to destroy the greatness that Earth has provided for them.


And from it all, after all the beautiful creatures that ever lived are gone,

A new generation will rise up

They will rise from the ashes of what used to be a great civilization


And even later, maybe a billion years later, no one can know for sure,

The Earth itself will be gone

Gone like the people so long ago,

Gone like the animals big and small,

Gone like the sounds of life


Two galaxies will collide,

Everything we have ever known will be gone



Darkness will slowly come over everything,

Rising from the shadows,

Sinking into the hard, dry ground,

Killing everything it touches


And then there will be no one left to remember the greats,

Like Alexander Hamilton,

And Abe Lincoln,

And Franklin Roosevelt,

Let alone us


There are some things we cannot change

But no matter how hard we wish we could,

We can’t


So slowly we will rise