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"Everything will end up just fine." is what my mom said to me after we got home from my grandpas' funeral. I knew she was lying to me because my grandpa died of lung cancer and  I know whose fault it is. Its knowones fault because he isnt dead. He can't be dead I know for a fact that on Sunday when he is supposed to take me bowling I hear the jingle of his keys outside our house and a knock on the door. I'll open the door he'll hug me and slip a chocolate bar in my pocket while my mom pretends not to notice. We will go bowling and he'll drop me off back home and I'll hug him goodbye. I'll say to him "see you next Sunday Grandpa." And he will say the same to me.  And he'll keep coming to see me forever and ever. Because I won't let him die I won't let anyone die. Never again will anyone die because while I guard our house in case the grim reaper comes knocking I'll be there to protect anyone who he has come for and he will never get them. Never again.

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