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The dentist, Eduardo Valencia, loved treating everyone badly, especially his dog Max. One day an old man walked in with a toothache. “This tooth must be pulled out” Eduardo said with a grin, so the man laid down in the chair and Eduardo yanked the tooth out. “I can pay you with something much better than money” the man said handing over a small green melon. Eduardo went home angry. When he got home he decided to eat some melon. It was the sweetest melon Eduardo had ever tasted. That night he dreamed that he could stay home tomorrow. In the morning it came true. He concluded that the melon made your dreams come true so every night he said “Eduardo you are the richest man in the world” until he began dreaming it. So Eduardo took the last piece of melon and set it on a plate. When he turned around to get some water, Max, his dog, ate the melon. Eduardo was so angry that he went straight to bed. In the morning he and his dog switched bodies because of the dog’s dream. From that day on, he was the one being treated horrible.

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