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Poetry is not my thing but I like to rhyme.
I'm writing this on the third so I don't have much time.
I don't know what to write so this all freestyle.
This poetry is made up and the goal is for you to smile.
I like cracking jokes about dogs and teachers.
I tell funny stories while I sit on the bleachers.
I don't know what to write so I'll list things I like
Swimming and dancing and riding downtown on my bike
Here are three things more I enjoy
Legos and stories and tennis oh boy
I also like Disney land the dog named goofy
And Mickey and Pete with his hair so poofy
So these are somethings which I enjoy much
but I also like baseball and sports of that such
I don't like writing "What gives" you might say
But I like writing poetry late in the day
yes right around five I'll feed my dog and then rhyme a word 
about lions and tigers and big mocking birds
I also like animals and cooking, the like
but one thing I don't enjoy is eating the fish pike
It tastes too salty and I don't like fish
except for a salmon and soy sauce, I like that dish
I'm getting tired of writing and such 
So I hope you enjoy this poem very much
And may I remind you to always make friends
and with final adieu, I shall say THE END.

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