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The Legendary Dragon: Part 1


It was once told that there was a planet during the time between eras with mighty dragons and highly advanced humans. There were five large islands on this planet, the center island which was the biggest and had human inhabitants, and the rest of the islands had fire, earth, water, and wind dragon inhabitants. The humans were able to become friends the powerful dragons and use them for battle. It was such a strange and wonderful place to live. Each child past the age of 12 would either receive their dragon from their parents or the local professor. This story is about a child who received an interesting dragon from his long lost father.

This child’s name was Hagono DragonBreath, and his father left on an expedition to study dragons when Hagono was only one. He never returned from his expedition. At the age of 6, Hagono and his mother found a golden dragon egg stuck in a bush in their backyard. They cared for the egg every day since then. When Hagono was 12, an interesting event occurred.

On a sunny day, Hagono was cleaning the egg when he saw a tiny crack on the egg. He quickly called his mother.

“Mom, the egg is hatching!” Just when Hagono called out, a tiny rainbow dragon head popped out of the egg. Soon after, the tiny baby dragon rolled out of its broken egg shell and let out a little roar. The dragon was unlike any dragon Hagono had seen, it had rainbow scales, a red eye, a blue eye, powerful wings, and many black plates. Hagono immediately liked the dragon and felt a faint feeling that the dragon was meant for him.

“ The only time I’ve seen a dragon like this was when I saw the dragon your father went after on his expedition which he never came back from.”

Hagono and his mother argued a little, and eventually, Hagono’s mother decided Hagono’s new dragon was different compared to the dragon his father went after. They also agreed that Hagono can go out on an expedition just like his father’s to explore the dragon world while looking for his father. That night Hagono packed his gear, a tent and plenty of food for the journey, and prepared for his big quest. The next morning, Hagono left his home and went to the local shop to buy a device that could store his dragon he named Draco, into.

First, Hagono decided to go to the local teleporters and stepped into a random one to see which island he landed on. Once he opened his eyes he immediately noticed the lush green trees, and immediately figured that he was on the nature element island. Hagono began to wander around looking for a village to get a map. Hagono found a village which was really close to him, so he decided to go to that village. When he arrived, Draco sprung out of his capsule on Hagono’s arm and roared happily when he first saw another dragon. Hagono was surprised that when Draco sprung out, Draco had appeared to have grown at least twice as large. In the village, there were many merchants that were trying to sell items to the kids, and a lot of kids like Hagono, with dragons. Hagono curiously looked around the village many types of dragons such as wind and fire types roamed on the streets. Hagono eventually stumbled upon an arena in the village for kids like him that wanted to train their dragons. The arena had two entry points opposite to each other and a massive area enclosed between two walls where the dragons fought. Once Hagono stepped inside he immediately noticed the cheers of kids as two dragons battled. One dragon had a large rock as its tail and swung it around and around and the other had a large set of wings and multiple sets of sharp teeth. After a few minutes of intense battle, one kid called back his dragon and admitted defeat. Dumbfound, Hagono kept on watching until a kid with purple eyes, black hair, and looked like an 11-year-old yelled out,

“Who wants to battle me!” No one spoke up until one kid with green hair stepped up onto the entry point and summoned out an earthen dragon while the other kid summoned out a dragon unlike any other. The dragon was just like any other dragon but its scales were jagged and black while other dragon scales all had vibrant and beautiful colors on them. The dragon which Hagono called the dark dragon, immediately attacked the earthen dragon and pinned it down quickly.

“Please stop, you're hurting it!” the green hair kid pleaded while the dark dragon clawed and bit at the earthen dragon. The black haired kid didn’t stop his dragon and just laughed like a madman. Suddenly the black hair kid stopped and called back his dragon and left the arena. When the black-haired kid left, the green haired kid was already going to his dragon and healing its wounds. Hagono walked to the green haired kid and began to clean the earthen dragon’s wounds with the green haired kid.

“What the heck was that dragon?” the green haired kid asked Hagono.

“I don’t know, but for all I know that was one unusual one,” Hagono replied.

“By the way, my name is Hagono,” Hagono told the green haired kid.

“Thanks, my name is Simon.” the green haired kid replied to Hagono.

Hagono and Simon talked for a long time while working on the earthen dragon’s wounds, and Simon decided to join Hagono on his expedition to explore the dragon world and find Hagono’s father. That night there were many rumors about the black haired kid, and eventually, Hagono and Simon knew that the black haired kid was named Zayd, and he had gone north, towards the Jagged Mountains.


The next day, Simon and Hagono set out with their dragons towards the Jagged Mountains. Around noon they came upon a serpent-like dragon with a leaf tail blocking their way. They tried to sneak around it but it would always find them. Eventually, Hagono and Simon gave up on trying to sneak past it, so they decided to try to negotiate with the dragon. Hagono went up to the dragon and explained their situation and the dragon replied that he would only let them through if Hagono would let him join Draco in his dragon team and let him get a look at Draco. Hagono showed Draco to the dragon (named YinYang). YinYang immediately called Draco the Legendary Dragon. Surprised by the sudden compliment, Draco began to run in circles and roar happily. Hagono suddenly realized that some dragons don’t have human voices like YinYang did. YinYang, sensing his thought, replied that some just aren’t born with them. Soon after, Draco climbed onto YinYang back and Simon climbed onto his own dragon that looked like a giant turtle. They continued on their way towards the Jagged Mountains were Zayd was supposed to be. At sunset, YinYang, Tera(Simon’s dragon), and Draco were summoned by Simon and Hagono to go back into their tiny capsules on their right arm and set up camp for the night. Little did they know that Zayd was watching from afar their every move.

The next day, Hagono summoned Draco to get a look at how big he was just when he summoned him from his capsule he saw that the dragon had grown really big compared to the first day when Draco hatched. Hagono decided that Draco could fly above them when they were traveling to let the dragon have some fresh air

“You coming Hagono?” Simon asked when he sat on top of Tera, “You’ve been standing there for 20 minutes just staring at Draco.”

Hagono didn’t realize that he zoned out that long. While summoning out YinYang he replied, “Yeah, Yeah, coming.” That day they traveled really far, and saw many amazing things such as dragons engaging in battle and other kids commanding them. Soon it was sunset, and once again Hagono and Simon summoned back their dragons and set up their tents for the night.

“Look how close we are from the Jagged Mountains,” exclaimed Simon, “tomorrow we will probably reach it!”

Hagono nodded in response but didn’t say anything. Hagono was thinking: “What was going to happen up there, and was he really going to learn the truth of his father?” That night while Simon slept, Hagono crept out of his tent and summoned out YinYang.

“Will I really learn the truth about my long lost father if I go up there?” Hagono asked as he pointed at the Jagged Mountains.

“Only fate will tell Hagono, only fate will tell,” YinYang said in response to Hagono’s question. “I know you are special Hagono, and you will change the world,” said YinYang as his scales shown in the bright moonlight.

“How can you be sure that this won’t fail and that I will be able to change the world?” Hagono asked.

“It’s because of your personality Hagono, your never-give-up personality will cause you to overcome challenges that others can’t. You must remember that during the coming battle against Zayd,” responded YinYang.

The next day, Hagono and Simon packed up their tents and set out towards the Jagged Mountains on YinYang and Tera’s back while Draco flew with them. The way there was uneventful and by the time they had reached the bottom of the mountains, it was noon. While Hagono and Simon were amazed at its height the dragons just played around. Then they decided to have a break for food before they met Zayd. Up in the mountains, Zayd was watching them carefully as they ate their food, and began to plot how and when he would attack them.

Suddenly a mighty roar came from the mountain, and Draco and Simon quickly looked around them for the dragons. After a few moments, a humongous black dragon flew towards Hagono with Zayd on its back. Both Hagono and Simon summoned their dragons and YinYang. Tera immediately roared at the dark dragon.

“Why are you here Zayd?” Hagono asked.

“Why, to capture those dragons of yours of course!” Zayd replied, laughing maniacally.

Hagono had an idea of how the dark dragon was created and quickly explained it to Simon. With an angry face, Simon called out for Tera to attack the dark dragon. Hagono also commanded that YinYang attack the dark dragon. The dark dragon immediately attacked back. As the dragons battled Zayd just laughed like a maniac and just clapped with approval. Suddenly the dark dragon let loose a giant black flame that engulfed YinYang and Tera. Horrified, Simon called for Tera in the big cloud of smoke. Eventually, Simon and Hagono founded YinYang and Tera laying still on the ground.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t dead, why would I hurt my precious dark dragons,” said Zayd as he walked towards the two limp dragons. Hagono suddenly felt a huge feeling in anger at Zayd when he saw the small limp body of Draco under the two other dragons and charged at Zayd with his fists clenched tight. The dark dragon walked into the Hagono’s way but Hagono just punched it away without realizing. Zayd looked scared for a moment but just kept walking towards the two limp dragons. Hagono ran as fast he could and caught up with Zayd in a matter of seconds and pushed Zayd onto the ground as hard as he could. Zayd with surprised eyes suddenly cried with surprise. Hagono suddenly realized what he had done and looked at Simon’s sad face.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done what I have done.” Hagono said to Zayd, “I was just so mad at you for what you have done to my dragon.”

“It should be me that is apologizing. When I saw that I had hurt your dragons, it reminded me of when my family died to a dragon-like yours.” said Zayd, “ On that day, my family and I were playing in the city when a dragon-like yours came down from the sky and killed my whole family except for me. I shouldn’t have lived through that day, but this stranger took me with him and raised me to this day. Then he gave me my first dragon, and I was scared at first but eventually, I realized I could get my revenge on the dragon that killed my family. So I looked for the one dragon that killed my family, and when I saw your dragon, I thought I found the one but after we fought I realized that killing that dragon wouldn’t bring them back.” wept Zayd.

“ I didn’t know you felt this way, but if you liked to, you could go with us to find my father,” said Hagono.

“Is his last name DragonBreath? Well then I know where your dad is, he was the stranger that took me in, and I’m pretty sure he was on one of the five island cores doing research. ” replied Zayd, “By the way did you know that your hair is floating and rainbow and that you have glowing eyes?”

“Wow! Cool!” Hagono replied

The next day, Zayd said that he just added a serum into a dragon to cause a dark dragon and that YinYang, Tera, and Draco should heal in the next few days after they gave them the medicine. That day, Zayd showed them the real first dragon he received, and it turned out to look the exact opposite of Draco. The three friends laughed and joked as they headed towards the fire island to look for Hagono’s father.


End of Part 1


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