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As I stare at the screen, I know.

This isn’t the answer.

“Just one more game” I call out knowing It won't be.

Knowing this won’t fill my need of productivity.

l know what I have done.

I created an addiction.


Trying to fight it will not help,

As the games, the videos, the media will pull our lives away.

Making all of the amazing things around

Nothing to us.


The things that provide us our needs to survive

Are barely even well known anymore.

The plants and animals that keep our ecosystem alive

Are BARELY an interest.

And we still keep going.

Going while we know

That this has completely ruined our society.


We have created a black hole that will only get bigger.

We know we have to find a way.

A way to come back. No

A way to appreciate the miracles around us.

A way to LIVE again.


-Amir Abston

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