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Once upon a time in the year 2038 there was a blobfish named Blobby.

Blobby was known for being an ugly fish and not that much of an explorer.

One day Blobby noticed that there home was running out of water not only but they ran out of food of shellfish, and sea pens.

One day the Elder Blobby said that “we have very little water to swim in and no more food to eat if we do not find a new home soon we will all go extinct”!

Blobby did not think they were in too much trouble until he noticed the coral went gray and the algae was brown. Blobby then decided to go on an adventure to find the water and food,he was very nervous but was ready.

All the other blobfish mocked him saying he would not be able to find water, Blobby thought they could be right. Blobby told the Elder Blobby he wished to go on an adventure to find water so the Elder said

“be back here with a place to find water in 7 days or you will have failed our kind and all of Blobsvile.

So Blobby went off and the adventure had begun.

Blobby had set out to find new water for the blobfish and for Blobsvile.


As Blobby was swimming he accidentally hit a rock his side felt like it was pierced and he thought he should go home to get bandages but he kept moving.


He had eventually thought he found water the temperature had changed so he thought he was in a new area but nothing.

Blobby lost hope knowing he would fail he thought he should just give up and go home but he knew if he did he would be mocked so he kept going.


Blobby keeps going on and does not know how to survive he is hungry,thirsty,tired and running out of time.

Blobby was panicking knowing that if he fails all blobfish will go extinct including him!

Blobby, after 3 days fainted on the ground due to exashin in his mind he knew this was his final breath.

He breathed the last of the air in as it was so cold it felt that it was piercing his lungs. But then a nice lobster finds him and carried him to a town.

Blobby woke up on a soft bed and saw a nice creature in the distance.

He swam over to it and it was a lobster without a shell.

“Oh good morning i found you in the water just lying there”.

Blobby then said “so you don't have a shell?”

“Yeah I was born without one so I go by Blobster”.

“So why were you in the ocean” said Blobster “I was looking for water said Blobby”. “Well you found it said Blobster

“No I need water for our home” said Blobby. “Oh well I know I place you might be able to get water” said Blobster.

“Are you lying i don't know if i trust you that much” said blobby

“I mean i saved your life in the middle of the ocean”.

“Alright lead the way” said Blobby.

So Blobby and Blobster head out to find water for Blobbys people and as they do so they prepare food for the road.

“So do you know where we are going” said blobby.

As they go forward they try to find a way to get to another water source but Blobby starts following Blobster hoping they will find water.

As Blobby keeps going he finally finds water it took him 2 days but he found it but then he noticed that the water was infested with sharks, so Blobby had to find a way to get rid of them.

So they first used shark bait to try to get rid of them but it did not work out so then they tried to speak to the sharks so Blobby said “hey you sharks you think you could move out of the water…..please”.

“Yeah well i don't think so this dis our home and there ain't nothin you can do to get us out of it, ya here dat nothin” the sharks then proceed to swim away and laugh at Blobby and Blobster.

“Well that failed” said Blobster “well maybe we could just try to flush them out with a bigger predator” said Blobby. “We will do that in the morning,we still have 2 days left” said Blobster.

“Yeah but i think that we need to keep working” said Blobby. “Just go to bed Blobby”.

So Blobby had gone to bed and woke up the next day and he woke up very hungry.

Blobby looked over at Blobster,he was fast asleep Blobby thought that he could just go back to town real quick and get something to eat he did not think Blobster would mind but he knew he would not make it on fin.

Blobster then woke up and yawned “well Blobby we got a lot of work ahead of us,lets do this”.

So Blobby and Blobster then went to find a way to get the sharks out of the water.

So we need to find a bigger predator to flush out the sharks, maybe a whale said Blobby.

So Blobby and Blobster then go to find a whale they searched everywhere and looked left and right but found no whales, then they saw a baby orca whale.

They went up to talk to him,Blobby spoke first “hey so uh where are your parents”?

The baby orca then pointed to 2 big orca whales and they were huge. Blobby then went over to them and said “hey do you think you Orcas could do us a favor”.

Then the Orcas both shouted “WHAT”!

Blobby sensed that they were very angry so he tried to say it calmly “do you think that you Orcas could scare these mean sharks away from this ocean,please”.

“Alright but on one condition we get to live in the ocean with you”.

“Wait how did you know I wanted to live there”?

“I don't know I just guessed”.

Blobby then agreed so they went back to the sharks and had the Orcas with them.

Then the leader of the sharks came Blobby heard the other sharks chanting “Fang Fang Fang Fang”.

Blobby knew that this was the final battle that it was the Orcas vs the sharks the sharks all cheered as a giant shark with gold teeth came up, Blobby thought he was Fang.

The gold tooth shark spoke “now revealing your leader he may have been dead back then but we brought him back he might go by Fang but he really is, a megalodon.

Blobster looked at Blobby and said “maybe we should just leave”.

“No my kind will go extinct if I do not stay I need to help them no matter what”.

Then the gold toothed shark said “let the battle begin”.

The Orcas then charged and so did the megalodon it was a rough battle and the Orcas were losing. “Blobby we need to find a way to give the Orcas the upper hand”.

I have an idea Blobster give me a boost” “Blobby you can just swim”. “Oh yeah i forgot”, “that you can swim”!

So then Blobby went above the arena and tried to find a way to help the Orcas, he first tried to find something that could help the Orcas.

Blobby then noticed a chandelier above the megalodons head if Blobby could cut it might be able to knock out the megalodon. Blobby then said “Blobster get up here i need you to cut this” “I cant I don't have a shell so I don't have claws”.

“Just try Blobster you need to believe I believe in you and you need to believe in yourself”. So Blobster then went up and tried to cut it

“I told you that it would not work”

“your not believing Blobster you need to believe you can do it come on Blobster”.

So Blobster tried with all of his power and then he cut the rope.

“You did it Blobster you did it”.

The chandelier came crashing down and hit Fang right in his head.

Fang then yelled “ow ow why did you do that i thought we were having fun”!

“Fun you nearly ate the Orcas” shouted Blobster “I wasn't going to eat them I was just playing I don't even have teeth” the megalodon then opens his mouth and shows he has no teeth.

“So then why do they call you Fang”? Asked Blobby.

“It was my given name when i was born, back when i had the most teeth ever for a shark but it turned out that it was not healthy to have that many teeth so they removed them”.

“HEY FANG these people are trying to take our water you need to stop them” yelled the sharks.

“My fellow sharks we may have learned something today we may have learned these people are not our enemies and we may have trashed our home but from all of this we know that we are all fish,we are all animals and we stand together”.

All of the animals begin to cheer and Blobby then knew they had a home. Blobby then called the blobfish on his aquaphone “Elder Blobby we did it we found water and food”!

There was no one on the other line Blobby then asked again “Elder Blobby respond”, “Elder Blobby are you there” there was nothing.

“Uhh Blobby you didn't call anyone yet” said Blobster. Blobby then looked down at his phone and saw that he didn't push any numbers there was a long awkward silence Blobby then called.

“Elder Blobby are you there”.

“Yes Blobby what are you doing calling to tell me you failed”. “No i found water Elder Blobby we can come we have food as well”.

“Alright i will get in the boats and come to try to find you with everyone”.

“Alright Blobby you did it you found water for your people said blboster”.

“Hey what's with the big shrimp”

“I'm not a shrimp i'm a lobster i've been with lobsters my whole life”

Suddenly two big shrimp come in and the first one says

“No Blobster your a shrimp, and our son”

“Mom, Dad is that really you no it can't be im a lobster” asked Blobster

Son you got caught in a current when you were born we thought we lost you.

Mom dad im so glad i found you shouted Blobster.

So Blobster found his true family and rejoiced he was ecstatic.

Then Elder Blobby came with the blobfish.

“Blobby you did it you found water”. “I did Elder Blobby I did, but not alone I got help from my friends”.

Thank you Blobby we all thank you.

“So the village was super happy and everyone rejoiced”

“Blobby who are you talking to” said Blobster

“They found water and food for all of their kind and got along with the sharks”

“Blobby we just got here we have not even talked to the sharks” said Elder Blobby

“So that's the end of the story”

“Blobby you still live for about 60 more years” said Elder Blobby

“So in the end the handsome and brave Blobby” “no no no just because your narrating the story doesn't mean you don't give me credit” said Blobster.

“Well how would you say it” said Blobby

“Like this, in the end Blobby found water with the help of Blobster”.

“They friended the sharks when Blobster cut the chandelure and it fell on fang”.

“So thats the real end to the story the blobfish were saved by Blobster and the other guy”.

“No i was the main character and you didn't forget my name you intentionally left it out” said Blobby

“NO” yelled the Orcas “we helped too, you need to put that we fought fang in an epic battle”.

“So i dropped the chandelier on him” said Blobster

“But we fought most of the fight” shouted the Orcas

“No my ending was fine” said Blobby

“No mine” said Blobster

“How about this” said Elder Blobby “water ran out in Blobbys home so he goes to find water”.

Along the way he meets Blobster they find water but its full of sharks so they get Orcas to get them out”.

“They fight fang then they come to an agreement and they all live happily ever after”.

“Then boom happy ending we agree with” said Elder Blobby.

“Yeah i'm fine with that what do you guys think” said Blobby.

“I think it's fine” said Blobster.

“Yeah ok” said the Orcas.

“So rewind and tell the end” said Blobby

“We can't none of us can”

“Well that's the end of our story,an epic tale of a blobfish trying to find water” said Blobby.