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Written by: Charlotte A Perry


I am an invisible girl. Well not really but kind of? No one notices me when I am happy, sad, scared and if they do there sure don't do anything about it, not since my brother died. Big deal. I was never the role model student, person, friend, sister you name it I was always 2nd in everything. I wasn't planned but then again who says “I am going to try and have twins!” because that's a great idea. Anyways I was always I was always in my brother's shadow, I'm not saying what happened to him was a good thing, no it was awful but unlike what most people think, I and my brother were never close. Never, from the day he was born to the day he died, we always hated each other like it was destiny that we were supposed to be enemies, we never had that “twin bond” in fact he almost killed me quite a few times.

I was born into royalty I guess, if were are going, to be honest, my mother is a golddigger desperate for the public eye to notice her as well as longing for everything she didn't know she needed until she saw the price then it was all hers.  My father was born into a wealthy family that had so much money they didn't even know what to do with it. He grew up with 4 brothers an and a father that was cold and rude toward everyone. all he wanted from his children was for the most promising of the brothers to carry on the family legacy in the lumber industry, super exciting I know. It became my father's obsession to win his father's affection, but that man only had enough love for his booze and his lumber so my father thought if he won the race for the lumbar he might gain some of his fathers love along with it, but in the end he got the business but by that place in time he was obsessed with everyone approval and making sure everything was perfect and if it wasn't he would take it out on his family. coming home drunk out of his mind, yelling at anyone who tried to reason with him and throwing a tantrum like a toddler who just got candy taken away from them he would also occasionally throwing things at us but it never mattered as long as my mother got her fancy handbags everything was “fine”

I never spent much time at home before or after Ben died, It's not like anyone noticed either way. Ben may have been the better twin but he could not do crap for himself no one in this godforsaken family could even do their own laundry let alone make a fire or hunt just the basics of survival because when I am away from grades, responsibilities and constant guilt, I’m alone with only my thoughts and the forest as well as the creatures in it.  I may have shit grades and zero friends but I do have a special interest in survival skills, god knows why. I live in a 3.5 million dollar mansion with everything any human could ever want. But no one knows what it is truly is like living in a giant house only filled with loneliness and despair any sounds echoing through the hallways making your hair stand up.

My brother died in “freak accident” but I wasn't surprised he killed himself by taking cheap drugs at a football game, in fact, I felt I expected it. I knew he would die soon. I may not have had psychic powers to communicate with him but I was with him my whole life so I could tell when his eyes were bloodshot, when his face was pale and when he had “bee stings” on his right arm in September. I'm not that dumb, then his grades started to slip but he was daddy’s and mommy's little boy so they made “arrangements” with the principal of the school, but they wouldn't lift a finger for me the disappointment of the family. Did I tell you my father has never told me that he loves me, not once I don't think he ever held me as a baby never shed a tear for me, but Ben was his prized possession when he died that was the first time I ever saw him show any emotion let alone cry.  “Your blessed” that's what they sa-

“Avery. what are you writing about”  said a voice I had never heard, I look up from my computer to see my father standing there in a suit and tie

“Uh, just something for school,” I said as I turned around in my chair, my voice cracking making it seem like I was about to cry but I was just afraid.

“Hmm,” he said with a slight grumble in his voice. “Your mom and I are going out we’ll be back in a couple of hours”

My hands began to tremble “Yeah okay, um can I ask where you are going?”

“Just a meeting nothing you’d be interested in” he attempted to force a smile, kind of smile you show when you're trying to hide something but I’ve learned not to ask questions unless I wanted to die mentally

“Oh okay have fun?” I said trying not to show any negative emotion hoping he would just walk away, but he started to walk toward my desk gesturing for me to stand up. my palms began to sweat and my throat tightens as I stood up. I looked at his face waiting for his brow to furrow and the fighting man I knew to throw a punch or to insult me, his hand reached out I braced myself to the blow but he gently pulled me into a hug, I gasped for air like I had been drowning. I don't remember the last time I had been hugged, I didn't know whether I wanted to break down crying because I was scared or because I was happy after 10 seconds I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest like any normal 16 years old would do. When this awkward encounter was over he turned around quickly and swiftly left the room.

I stood there paralyzed trying with every bone in my body not to cry until hearing the front door slam and once I did the walls came crumbling down all at once giving me no time to prepare myself for all the feelings that I had locked away because they were a “sign of weakness.” I finally let myself feel my brothers death and not pretend like it didn't matter we may have hated each other's guts but you don't have to like them to love them. My parents neglected me from the beginning and it never has been. Now I can stop pretending that it doesn't hurt seeing my mother and father felt such pride in my brother, leaving me invisible to everyone around me, he wouldn't even tell people i was his sister.  

“Avery, honey wake up” my mother said while rubbing my back, once again a very strange. I reply to her sweet mothering voice with a groan but that “motherly tone” lasted a good 5 seconds. “Avery get out of bed and get dressed!” she said in a sharp tone loud enough to wake up a dead person. “OKAY!” I yelled with I realized was a giant mistake, she gave me her death stare making me very uncomfortable, she practically shoved  an all black dress and fancy shoes. “Where are we going?” I asked while rubbing my eyes “we are going to be with your brother”



The remaining family members of the Morris family was found thins morning after David Morris CEO of Morris Lumber is suspected to have drove of a cliff with his wife and daughter in the car. When the authorities went in the house there was a note on their dining table saying “we are going to be with Ben” with Alison Morris and David Morris’s signature. The athourites went thought Avery Morris computer to see if they had planned this in advance but they found something worse, there was evidence of child abuse and neglect toward Avery “ I looked at his face waiting for his brow to furrow and the fighting man I knew to throw a punch or to insult me” 

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