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As Tyler walked toward us, his hands clenched into fists. Charlotte and I both turned toward each other, and shared a look of “RUN”. We instantly stood up, and ran for the door. Tyler followed. We raced through the halls like a wolf (Tyler) chasing down two deer (me and Charlotte). We ran and ran. Suddenly, a door in front of us swung open. We instantly stopped, startled by the door. We could hear Tyler creeping up from behind us. Though he wasn’t very good at it. It’s like a bear walking through piles of dry leaves. Not very sneaky. We turned around, to see Tyler slowly reaching over us with an evil grin. Like the wolf pouncing on the two deer in slow motion.

“Hey!” Someone suddenly shouted behind me. Charlotte, I, and even Tyler froze instantly. We slowly turned to the shout, and saw two angry teachers standing in front of the door. Suddenly, I realized this was no classroom door. This was the door to the staff lounge.

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