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She walked past him like a fourth of July parade. Full of the shades of every skin color he’s ever seen. She was a Moroccan architectural design. She was the sun setting, the grounded roots of redwood trees. She was the sky when God had given up and the breath of lavender when he came. She was all the colors the world had ever offered. She was seven in one. Folded from other universes, past lives linking from every eyelash on her eyes to every toe on her feet, she was a multi person, the mother, the rainbow. The creator of the next planet, she was.

     Her hair radiantly shining the glow that she stole from the sun, orange. Her ears that pierced the living souls to spirits of life as she heard them in their true form, blue. Her fingernails digging into the soil of the infertile land to grow everlasting redwood trees, green. Her eyes that sunk into every desire of a goal she ever had, red. Her skin vaporizing into the dreams of what might have been, violet. Her lips as vast as the sea, deeper than the mid sky. They knew sincerity, indigo. Her feet that left prints of futuristic ideas where hunger ended and was buried into the ground, yellow.

     He was nothing but green. Just green, not the green like the leaves on a tree or the freckles of grass on dry land, he was plain and green, envious of every personality that ran by him, that walked by him, that flew by him, he was too focused on them. Only seven and he was green, only seven and she created him green. Green like the monster under children's beds, not the green of her fingernail. His mother was blue, faithful to the heavens and like the sea her mind had no true end. His father was yellow, but not like her feet that left optimistic ideas, but rather he was a liar, deceitful from the moment he ran away from his duties of war. His grandfather was green too, like the trees in Christmas. But he was still different, no matter how much he tried to change, he was just not the same as them. His shade of green couldn’t be put into the rainbow.


     She created all of them, in all her persons she created him.


     Once a child was born they had the choice to change perspectives. Yellow was positive, but also cowardly. Red was passionate, but also anger. Orange was creative, but also destructive. Indigo was sincerity, but also two-faced. Blue was loyal, but also betrayal. Green was fertile, but also sterile.Violet was calm, but also agitating. Though he was the first to not be a real shade of the rainbow or any characteristics of other properly shaded greens, no one doubted his existence, for he was more beautiful than any landscape ever seen.

     She walked across the ocean where waves grew in every step she took. Rumors of her creating a new world, a world that held different colors were spreading, and she wanted recruits. She glanced at his green eyes that wore nothing, but the nakedness of her child, for she was the mother of all. Her hand grazed the fingertips of his, “I shall call you Morning Star. You will bring the most from all around you.”

     He held her hand that knew everything, for it was once everything, and as a servant he stood to her right, placing his feet behind hers when she walked, discoloring every positive path meant for humanity. “For as long as I am with you, for as long as you bestow this power upon me, I will stay like no other of your angels have, for as long as you love me, as long as I hold your hand, as long as I breath your life, as long as it’s just you and me, I will never betray you.”

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