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'What if I die today'. That question haunted my thoughts every single day since after the death of my twin sister. Whenever I wanted to go to bed, I kept in my mind the probability of not waking up. Yes, I told myself that death was inevitable and I might be it's next victim.I fell into depression by the mere thought of me dying today or tomorrow. I couldn't sleep most nights, I was so scared of the possibility of having to leave my family behind to an unknown place.
This fear had a huge effect on my academics. Due to lack of sleep, I started sleeping in class and missed most lessons. My grades drastically dropped and this got Mom worried. I confided in her and told her about my fears. Mom calmed my fears with these few words, "Do not be so afraid to die that you forget how to live". Those words reminded me that I have to remember to live the life I have now before I die.

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