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How long have we been on here? 20 minutes? 30? Are we even going the right way? What if we never get home?

Thoughts spiral through my mind as I glanced nervously out the city bus window, then back at my phone. The bus is old and shaky.  Lizzy can see the worry in my eyes so she tries to lighten the mood.

“Remember that time I got us kicked out of TJ Maxx?” She asks. I smile, remembering what happened.     

“Yesssss!” I respond while laughing, “You hit me with that yoga mat!”

“And that random guy was telling us to fight!” She added.
“So I hit you back.”

“And I hit you again and you dropped your drink and spilled it all over the floor,” she says.

“So I pretended to throw the cup away in the bathroom, but I was actually hiding so you would have to ask someone to clean it up,” I say with a smile.

“WHAT!?” Lizzy shouts, not knowing I did that to her. We both start laughing until she looks out the window again and realizes how far away we are from home.

The brakes squeak loudly as we stop again. Please be stop 32. Please be stop 32. Please be stop 32.

“Stop 6!” the bus driver shouts as the us doors open. My heart sinks to the bottom of my stomach as more and more people get on the bus. The bus is way too full for my liking, but what can I do?

All of a sudden a man starts singing.

“Amaaaazing grace,” he sang. The smell of alcohol stings our noses and he walks past us. The man was obviously drunk. Then all of a sudden he was mad and started yelling at everyone around him. “Do you want to fight?” he asked. The man next to him looked very confused and didn’t say anything.

I was freaking out. I was alone with my friend on a bus in the middle of nowhere with a drunk guy. All I could do was look at google maps and wait until we get there. Time dragged.

2 hours later I get interrupted by a phone call. My dad.

“Hey, dad.”

“Hey. Where are you guys?”

“Still on the bus. The bus is taking a long time today,” I lie. “There is lots of traffic.”

“Okay,” he responds “Be home soon.”

“Okay. See you soon!”

As I end the call the bus stops. We are at the end of our route. I look around and recognize where we are. Ypsilanti. Not  Ann Arbor, But Ypsilanti. I get off of the bus and tell Lizzy where we are. She gives me a worried look. I sit down and call home.

“Hello?” my dads voice asks.

“Hey dad.” I answer, “ We’re lost.”

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