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The sun shines on the flowers who thrive

Their faces pointed toward the great orb, growing strong and beautiful

Smiling flower faces

And bees swarm spreading a variety of pollen and enjoying the sweet honey it gives

On the other side of the sun are the flowers who grow weak and twisted

Shadows cast on their decay

Barely getting enough light to survive

They will fall behind never befriending the butterflies, but instead attracting the worms and maggots

And then there are the weeds that will grow up through the slum

They will use corruption from the forest floor

And do their best to spread and strangle the flowers that face the sun

Can you blame them?

It is that or nothing, but ugly just the same

Have you ever tasted the sweet reward of honey?

Or have you fallen with worms in your ears, slowly decaying?

It is your decision to make

May the sun shine on your face


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