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They're not attractive you may say

But they tell a story from your every day

Wrinkles from time, emotions intertwined

They define your story line

Each is special in its own way

There are etchings where ecstasy once laid

However, tears leave tracks

And stress leaves worry cracks

I remember in December

I finally became slender

But I was called a pretender

I sadly had no defenders

I cried every night

Staying hopeful with all my might

How I wished someone could save me

Yet I was brought back to reality

There's only one savior; that's me

Even though insults sting like a bee

I stayed true to myself and agreed

I am the cure and the key

And, oh, how much my wrinkles went though

It marked the mysteries of my life like a tatoo

Who knew?

It makes you, you.

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