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Agnar would be executed the next day. He’d killed several people but didn’t care. He thought about this as he shifted against the cold stone cell wall. He was getting restless.

Agnar had tested his chains before to no avail, but something about today felt different. He glanced through the bars to see if the guards were paying attention, but they were nowhere to be seen. Agnar pulled at his chains and jumped when a crack echoed throughout his cell. He’d pulled free! He climbed up and out the small window, reveling in his newfound freedom.  He paused as he thought this. The people he killed would never get a chance like this. He tried to reason with himself, but as he stole away into the forest beyond, he couldn’t silence the nagging voice in his head telling him he’d been wrong to kill them. He kept walking deeper into the forest, struggling to ignore the voice until he no longer could, and collapsed onto the forest floor, his eyes shut tight. When he felt a poking in his side, he opened his eyes to the stone of his cell, and heard a guard’s voice from above. “It’s time.”