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The car ride to my house is silent 

Save for the soft hum of the radio 

I feel your presence beside me 

But I decided I couldn't have you long ago 


It comes with too many issues 

Where conflict still lies unresolved 

It’s him who first fell hard for you 

And I swore I wouldn’t get involved 


But the thought crosses my mind that he’d never know 

We're all alone in the dark of the night 

And my heart beats too loud in my ears to think 

Of anything but how you’re smiling so bright 


I wasn’t expecting you to take my hand 

It's cold and clammy intertwined with mine  

But it sends fire through my entirety 

And I think maybe it’s not asinine 


I'm not a fool for wanting this 

Or for my heart skipping a beat 

But I feel foolish and naïve 

As it leaves me frozen in my seat 


Still, you bring me back to reality 

When you give my hand a squeeze 

I reciprocate the pressure 

Which puts us both at ease 


We still don’t meet each other's eyes 

Too scared of that confrontation 

And the silence gives us enough room to breathe 

But not enough for conversation 


It feels too long before we’re at my house 

And we start to say our goodbyes 

We share an embrace before you go 

And that’s the moment we finally lock eyes 


Thus begins our secret rendezvous 


We continue our romance in quiet 

Both afraid of getting caught 

Scared of his admiring gaze catching me beside you 

But every time you smile at me I know it’s not all for naught 


You smile at me gently when no one’s looking 

And take my hand when we’re hidden in the dark 

Each moment with you feels like heaven 

With each touch there is this spark 


That was six months ago 


Today we live like strangers 

And it’s him not you my sorrows now 

It took him a long to time to forgive me when he caught us 

But when you left, we grew back together somehow 


I must admit you had me there in the beginning 

Your soft smiles and gentle eyes had me fooled 

But I see it now that it was all a trick 

Though I know you weren’t trying to be cruel 


I just read it all wrong 

I was blinded by first love 

I put you on a pedestal 

And held you high above 


You never asked to be up there 

Or to have my heart 

But, still, I let you have and break it 

Right at the very start 


His comfort is a double-edged sword 

He tries to hate you for me, but lust still shows itself 

Still, I understand why he continues to long for you 

As I still do myself 


So, like I said, we live like strangers 

And I'm left empty while you seem fine 

But if you’re ever willing to give me your heart 

I'll still let you reclaim mine 

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