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When I first came into this world, this town was leaving it. I was the only one who knew.  Nobody really noticed me, but I noticed everything. It was little things, at first. The way the door to the library creaked as the doors split open, they way little sprouts of grass grew from the sidewalk, like vines reclaiming nature as their own. As I grew older, I was played on, but not noticed. I just wasn’t big enough. The kids disappeared, one by one, anyway, as they grew up. There were more important things to do. Sam was destined to be a dancer, Ethan, an artist. Valerie moved away when her talent for the violin bloomed, and Jack’s talent for photography would only develop if he was somewhere bigger, better. This town just wasn’t important enough. As I slowly  grew taller and taller, more people realized how this town was dying. Even more people moved on, until there were none left. Now I stand at my full height, two hundred feet. I stand over the now dusty square and the abandoned playground. I am majestic, but nobody is here to see me. It’s too late to be noticed.

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