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The year 2100:

2018 seemed so nice. The air was clear, kids could run around and swim in the ocean. But now everything's different. I wake up every morning and go to the edge of the city. The large transparent dome enclosing the city allows you to see into the now barren outside world. Some citizens want to change it, paint it to seem “friendlier.” They just want to cover it up so they can ignore how filthy the world has become. But I like the outside. I like to think of out there, imagine how it used to be. I like to picture running around in a green grass field and swimming in the once bright blue ocean. Everyday I think about how my grandparents’ generation could have saved our world and our home. I wish they did something about climate change so that I could see the rainforests, clear water and coral reefs. I wish the the arctic still existed and I wish that those hundreds of thousands of animals hadn't gone extinct. I wish someone had protected the Earth back then. If only their mindsets had changed so we could be free from this confinement.


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