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Well, the first day of school is over. It has been for a few weeks now, and I am glad of it. I do not think the first day of school went very well, and I wish I had made better choices. As a matter of fact, the first day of school went really badly and I made terrible choices that could have easily been avoided. Let me tell you how it went. The day started out wrong from the moment I woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping like crazy. That alarm is so annoying. I woke up on time but made the seemingly great decision at the time, to sleep in thirty minutes longer than usual for a school day. So as a result, I was running pretty late. After that the day only got worse and it was all my fault. During the car ride to school, I picked a fight with my sister about who was doing more chores, and kicked my little brother which made him cry. My mom then took away my phone, and grounded me for a week! I still feel like that was a too big of punishment, but I guess I could have behaved better while I was in the car. We arrived at school fifteen minutes late and took my time walking to math class. Math is my least favorite subject in school. I had not eaten breakfast that morning so once I go to math class I tried to force my friend to give me her bagel. This did not work at all.  She threw a fit about how I always boss her around. We were arguing while the other students were correcting and turning in their homework when the teacher came up behind us and gave us detention for being a distraction. Then my friend and I made the silent decision to joined forces and focus all our anger on our teacher. We did our best to annoy him all class. We passed notes to other student, threw pencils across the classroom, made paper airplanes, and talked while the teacher was explaining, or trying to explain, how to do math problems on the whiteboard. By the end of math class we had four other students joining us in detention. Detention wasn’t going to be that bad if all my friends were there. My next class was English and I had chosen not to do my summer reading assignment. All the other students had read the assigned book and written an essay about the protagonist of the story. The teacher gave me a zero, and said that I had better do well in her class from then on and do all of my homework. I told her that I would only do the homework if I felt like it. She took a while to respond, and I thought I was going to get away with talking back to her! My assumption was incredibly, terribly wrong. She is making me come to her classroom every school day during lunch to read the book assigned to us over the summer, and write the essay on the protagonist. It was the first day of school, and I couldn’t eat lunch with my friends! I am only three chapters into the book, and it is the most boring book I have ever read! I made sure to tell my English teacher that on my way out of her class room after lunch. The other classes besides the last class of the day were relatively uneventful because my friends, who I would have seen at lunch, were not in them with me. I am glad they were not, because I would probably have been given detention after school every day until next year. My last class of the day was Spanish. I took Spanish class last year, but I failed it and I have to retake it. There is a ton of 9th graders in there. All the other kids in my grade are in Spanish 2. Right when I walked into the classroom my Spanish teacher looked at me and said I hope you are going to try harder this year. This made me get really, really mad! I felt like I gave some effort last year, maybe not as much as I could have, but I did try a little bit! I turned in most of the homework, it’s not my fault that the tests were really hard.  I told the teacher that if she wanted me to try more, maybe she should not be so boring. She sent me straight to the office. The principal told me that I needed to go home because of everything that had happened that day. My other teachers must have told him what happened in their classes. When my mom picked me up from school, she was very mad. I began to realize that I had started off the school year in a bad way. Now I am going to have to work really hard in all my classes to make up for how I acted. I have to go to English class at lunch to do the summer homework, and I don’t think that I will be finished with it anytime soon. Everyone else took the whole summer vacation to do it. We are having a test over the book in a couple weeks. My English teacher said I still have to take it even if I have not finished the book. In all of my classes I am not allowed to sit next to my friends. This means that my friends are becoming better friends, and leaving me out. There are no other tenth graders in my Spanish class, so I sit at a table by myself. My mom makes me go to a tutor for math and Spanish to make sure that I will pass both classes. I never thought I would say this, but I just wish that I could start the school year all over again. I would make better choices, and be able to sit with my friends at lunch. I miss them a lot.


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