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Today I arrived at the cabin. It was a long drive from Boston. I ate some of the food that I had brought for dinner and set up my work papers in the office  and wrote for a while. I went to bed at about 11 PM.



When I woke today at about 6:30, I made a breakfast of eggs and toast. After finishing my meal, I decided to go on a walk and explore the area around the cabin. I walked for about two hours, discovering the local flora and fauna. It was very beautiful in this area and I found it very refreshing to get out of the office for once. After returning from my walk, I went to the office and continued my work for the rest of the day, occasionally taking breaks to go outside and get fresh air.



I awoke this morning early at about 4:00 to a horrible shriek. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran outside to find a young lady lying on the ground in front of the cabin. When I asked here she was alright she turned her head and stared at me, but didn’t respond. I immediately ran back into the house to the landline to call the police. It took them an hour to get to the cabin, and in the meantime I got the girl to come inside and sit in the living room. When the police arrived, they took the girl to the nearest hospital.



The past few days I have been hearing strange noises in the night and every time I turn on my light to see what is going on, the noise suddenly stops. I have decided to ignore them and wait for them to end. The hospital the girl was taken to gave me a call and told me that she was in a stable condition, but had suffered many injuries. They told me that she had marks on her wrists and it appeared that she had been tied with rope. This frightened me, but I decided it was probably okay.   



The sound has not stopped nor gotten quieter. Last night, after trying to fall asleep for two hours, I decided to go outside and look. I grabbed a flashlight and stepped outside to investigate. When I walked out the door, I heard a loud crashing noise coming from the cellar. I walked over to the door and tried to listen to what was inside. It sounded like a young girl crying for help. “Hello?” I asked. As soon as I said that, the crying stopped. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I decided to go to sleep and call to police in the morning.



I woke this morning at around 7:00 and did my work until around 11:00. At 11, I decided to go for a walk. I walked into the woods and tried to find where the noise was coming from. After about 20 minutes of walking, I discovered a small cabin. It looked like it had been abandoned. The door was open and the wood was rotten. I opened the door and walked in. Inside, there was an old wood-burning stove on the back wall and a small rotten-wood table and chairs, other than that, the cabin was pretty empty. I left the cabin and walked home and continued my work until 10:00.



After waking up today, I found that I was running out of food and other supplies, so I made a trip down to next town, about an hour away, to go to the grocery store and get more food. I made it back to the cabin at about 11:00, and ate a big lunch. After finishing my meal, I went for a short walk down the road. When I reached the abandoned cabin, I continued on for about a half an hour, then turned around. When I returned home, I continued my writing and went to bed at about 11:00.



The noise has continued to bother me. It is a high pitched bang that is impossible to ignore. I have had to plug my ears with cotton balls in the absence of earplugs. I must find out what is causing this noise soon, or I may go crazy.



The past few days I have been searching the area for clues and I think I may have found something. I noticed the sound was coming from the north side of the house, where my bedroom is. Last night, I walked up through the woods and noticed a strange object on the ground. It appeared to be a speaker of some sort, and had a blinking light on it. I placed it back on the ground and continued onwards. About 20 minutes later, I came across a small shack. I peered into one of the windows, and saw a tall man cooking a stove. I walked over to the door and knocked on it. The man came to the door. He was wearing a buttoned shirt and nice pants.

“Hello,” I said, sticking my hand out to greet him.

“Hello,” he said, “what are doing around here?” he asked.

“I visit here every July. I have a cabin about 25 minutes through the woods.”

We talked for a while, and then I walked home and went to bed.



Oh my god. I’m going to die. He is almost on to me. I need to write quickly. He chased me through the woods and shot at me twice, both times missing. I was packing my stuff and he came to my house and chased me outside with a gun in his hand.

I can see him. I have climbed a tree and he is just below me, but he has not seen me yet.

I think he has seen me. These will probably be my last words.


-Arthur Johnson



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