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            Short story for contest


Dear diary,

    I don't understand why I feel this way. Why do I feel this way? None of my friends like boys and girls; then why do I? I try to hide this feeling. I can't. I don't feel normal. See my family is Christian, so my family believes not to love the same gender as you, I don't want to sin, I don't but I believe what I believe and I like who I like. I can't change that I am who I am. If they can't love me for who I am, they are not my true family. They would love me for no  matter what.

    Today at school; I sat alone at lunch. No one would want to sit by me. I lost all my friends. Please I don't understand why is being gay or lesbian or even bisexual bad? I had one friend who was lesbian, she moved away, to North Carolina because she got made fun of. I miss her so much, am I going to have to move away also? The lunch room was very loud and quiet by me; I decided to eat lunch in the girls bathroom today. I was in the lunchroom before and everybody looked at me all weird. Stares, no words; I just ran off. Started to cry in the bathroom, I did not want to eat, my stomach was hurting.


I went to the nurse's office and said “my stomach hurts.”

They called my mother, “Hi, is this Alana's mother?”

“This is.” My mother answered.

“We are just calling to tell you that Alana’s complaining about her stomach hurting, and she looks pale.-” They said.

My mom interrupted the nurse, “Can I come get her out of school?”

“ I was going to say that before I got rudely interrupted.”

“Oh, okay, I’m sorry ‘bout that.”

As my mom hangs up the phone she gets her coat and drives over to my school.

Three minutes went by, she is here.

I went to the car, she signed me out. We did not talk in the car, I was so silent.  We got home, I went to my room. And that's what lead me here. Well I got to go, give you an update tomorrow.


Dear diary,

    School went fine, but good news… Someone new was at school today, she went to the bathroom and saw me. I ran into a stall; she talked to me, she said “why are you in the bathroom during lunch, don't you eat with your friends?”

I said. “ I don't have friends anymore, and why are you in here?”

“Im new and have no friends, what's your name?”

“Alana, what about you?”

“Tiana.” she said.

We talked almost the whole lunch, then she asked why I don't have  friends anymore?

I said. “Because… i'm bi…”

She cut me off, saying “For real I am too, I did not want to say nothing because I did not know if there are any homophobes? But now I do, because you got no friends anymore.”

I said “You wanna be friends then, I mean you got no one else.”

She said yes.

And then the bell rang.

She said meet me here. (In the bathroom)  tomorrow.

I said ok. I was so excited to have a friend again it got lonely. I got home from school and went to basketball practice and the team would not talk to me so I quit right there I said. “If you have a problem with me, just say so.”

They said they did so I said I quit and left; they were shocked; they did not even know what to do. The worst part was coach Johnson said “where my star player going?” They said I quit.

Which I did, I left the team, I thought they were family. I guess not family does not judge by who they are; so yeah I am alone in the dark, I got no one except my mom and one friend I met today. Coach stopped me before going to the door to leave the building. “Where you going? Why you leaving?”

I said. “Family does not leave each other, but I am not family to these people, family does not judge, and I quit the team and trying to fit in. Im sorry. Make Madi your star player. I quit.”

I walked out of the building and ran home, crying.  And that leads to right now, to me writing in my diary again, where all the drama goes to. Well I gotta go, talk about my day tomorrow after school.


Dear diary,

    Well school sucked, why? Because Tiana was not at school and I sat in the bathroom alone and then on top of this day, three girls that were on my basketball team came in to the bathroom and laughed at me, Madi said “Sorry you quit the team, but you were not the best.”

Imani said. “You should've quit a long time ago.”

And I just sat there thinking “I am  better than you, smarter than you and prettier than all of y’all.”

But you know I'm not that mean, I keep my mouth shut, unlike these girls. But I had nothing happen at lunch today other than that, history was handful today I got kicked out for not working with this boy.

Well I got to go eat, I'll be back tomorrow.


Dear diary,

    There is a knock on my door at 12:00 pm. I don't go to get it, I wanna leave it, but there is another knock.I answer, its Madi, Imani, and other basketball girls,

I shut the door on them, they knock again, I answer and say “What?”

then they ask  “Can we come in?”

“I guess. Why are you at my house?”

Then this surprised me what they say next, “We don't mind you're bi, we were trying to be cool, and then you quit the team and it just got out of hand im sorry.”

“Me to.” Imani says

“We are to.” The other basketball girls say.7

“Friends?” Madi says.

“Okay, friends.” I say.

“When is the next basketball game?” I ask.

“This Saturday, you wanna come play against Hortonville with us?” Madi asks.

“ I can't, I quit remember?”

“Oh yeah, its okay lets ask coach if you can join again?” Madi says

“To be honest we miss you.” Imani and the basketball team says.

“I was hurt and sad because I thought you guys were family.”

“We are all sorry.” the team says.

This was a stressful week and four days, I love my team so very much!

Even though they were acting like brats, there my sisters.:) this diary is full from 2018 lets  hit 2019 for next year, so goodbye diary!                    


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