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The seemingly perfect girl. She was in a library, because everyone reads 1,000 page novels in their downtime. Her fingers sparked as they glided across the spines. Each time she touched a book, it flashed behind her eyelids.

A boy on a quest to find the hidden eggs of the consuming virtual universe.

Four kids wrongly accused of murder.

A person shoved into the mold of a new body every day.

A health clinic nursing bulimic teens back to life.

Everyone seemed to have their own tear-stained story, but no one saw hers. No one saw her.


She was in the Library, the one place where she felt in control. However, after trailing her left hand across every book on the shelf, she had to sit down. Slip the Glove over her slender, pale fingers. The Glove was crucial in containing her horrific power, but it made her glow a richer purple with every breathing moment in it. She was stuck. She had to hide her power. She had to hide her aura. Anything else, and the Primary would kill her.

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