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  This is April 13th, 2031.

  “We lived in an environment with an average daily temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. We could only rely on "heat-reducing clothing" to survive every day. This is my last recording. I must not regret it, because that is what I deserve.” (Last report). /D-e-s-t-r-o-y/.

  Welcome! Location: Vapor World. Number: 7. Our world is becoming more and more powerful. Luxuriant street was full of human-like robots, they talked to each other with enthusiastic smile, warm oxygen gases around the society. Our world is shrouded in a stove. [Cyberpunk Music playing]. People walked straightly like magazine models, they all wore VAPORIZERS made of plastics and the “heat-reducing clothing”. In 2020s, one greatest scientist- Siamor Grey. She created us of generation 1. Thanks to her, we have our own brains, our own bodies, even everything we want to have. We are doing much better than humans in the equality class. A simple and important rule lived in our society: the operations of reservation and discarding are only between contribution and neglect. Useless trash should be thrown into trash bin.

  Good news, no one destroys their equipment. The purple transparent building of up to 6,500 feet provokes the stove above the head. That is Quantum University. Most talented and high-IQ educators worked there.               

  Drongser Johanson, an 80-year old erudite professor from Quantum University. HUMAN. When he left his position in April 13th, 2031, he realized that he didn’t achieve his dream project since his childhood. By the way, his childhood was really unfortunate. Honestly, I want to start pity him. / Checking out the individual’s data /: Back in 1958, his parents were divorced. The father found a new love, and he lived with his father and his stepmother. Drongser's father is a quantum engineering researcher, and whenever his father failed to experiment (the number of times is in the cardinal number pattern), he would be beaten like as soon as he could meet the angel. Drongser already got a grandiose plan in his mind, he wanted to change the rules of the whole space!

  When time machine, artificial intelligence and high-tech invention was mature in the scientific community, some people were still eager to explore the space. Drongser was one of these people. He had tried to figure out how he can make the time stop during his last 20 years .But unfortunately, he had failed 2030 times until he left his position. He almost gave two fourths of his life. Although the fact is putting out in front of him, he knew what’s his next step.

  Dronser’s lab was in a desolate, unknown place. In Drongser’s lab, it was neat and clean everywhere. Drongser is a precise man, he doesn’t allow any imperfections exist in his laboratory. A pile of formulas were on the blackboard, take a closer look on the board: there is a beam of light and a spaceship, and some formulas under them. The door was opened, Drongser backed. He talked to himself, “I can't lose anymore, I’ve lost my beloved job, and my wife had driven me out of the house. There is nothing that can tether me, I can't cower this time.” Then, he pressed the button of the spacecraft and started the procedure of the spacecraft. In an instant, the engine of the spacecraft slammed in the air, and he didn't realize anything, but Vaporizer sensed it. Still, he didn't realize anything. This time the spacecraft really "launched", accompanied by psychedelic steam. He sat down and suddenly his tears flowed out, umbrage and sadness seemed to badger him. Drongser couldn’t wait anymore, he had sworn to himself, no matter what, he had to study this time project which is at the forefront of the scientific community. Money, all he wanted. He planned share it with himself. After dragging through this struggle, Drongser finally started his adventure.


  Drongser successfully completed his first part of the journey, perfectly broke through the atmosphere, and entered space, everything was just as normal!

  Now, the speed of the spacecraft was 150,000 kilometers per second.

  Drongser thought that the situation was good then, he accelerated the spaceship to 300,000 kilometers per second.

  The spacecraft disappeared with a “Pop”. Drongser felt hurt. He was divided into millions of molecules. After a while, he opened his eyes, the eyes were uncertain, hopeless, dark blue. Then saw his craft was in a strange quagmire. The quagmire was clear and transparent. Then it began to present the memory fragments of Drongser Johansen, playing like a movie of life. A whole-black picture of Drongser and his wife was also presented in the Quagmire, two photogenic young people were smiling to the camera. Drongser watched the picture slowly disappear, and he knew that he was running out of time. He recalled that he inveigled his wife to marry him and even beat her when he is drunk…. Huh, such a wonderful and selfish one. This guy is totally a “Repeater”.

  Finally, the spaceship fall into the quagmire. Everything was gone.

  The exploding spacecraft still braved the fierce flame. The noxious fire smoke filled the entire laboratory. The psychedelic steam also carries the rose scent on his wife's clothes. Drongser inhaled a lot of steam and fire smoke, and his fantasy was over. Drongser gradually realized that the current situation was precarious, but half of his body was stuck in the stump of the spaceship. Half of his passion and mind were floating in the laboratory. Something was not under control.

  The fire was getting worse, temperature was still rising.

  Drongser picked up a recording pen hidden in the spaceship, then said: “We lived in an environment with an average daily temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. We could only rely on "heat-reducing clothing" to survive every day. This is my last recording. I must not regret it, because that is what I deserve.”, / Accept the request: D-E-S-T-R-O-Y/. “All of this is a karma, and our problem is still not solved.” /Cyberpunk Music playing/.


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