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It’s 6:06 pm, and I want to go home. The cold has soaked through my jacket and gloves. I can no longer feel my hands and it feels like I’m carrying rocks on the ends of my fingers. The sun is dipping under the fence behind me.

As I wait for an opportunity to snowboard down the hill, a woman begins to grin feverishly. She excitedly scoots over to a male sitting down, only one of her feet strapped onto the board. She almost falls backward but catches herself, grabbing his arm in an attempt to get his attention. “¡Mira! ¡Mira!” Look, look. When he cannot see from where he’s standing, she awkwardly drags him a couple feet over. He stays in his skateboard, giving a few thrusting kicks to help the process.

A few seconds go by, and then his face turns on into something else. His eyes crinkle, he smiles wide, and a slight laugh comes out of his mouth. The reflected light from the sun turns his eyes a burning color, like an orange popsicle. He directs his words at the woman, but doesn’t move his gaze. “Hermoso,” he says. Beautiful.

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