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 “I don’t know… Are you sure Sarah? Mom’ll be mad if she finds out…”

“I’m sure. Mom has so much money she won’t notice that it is missing! Don’t you want that sticker book, Taylor? She won’t care.”


“Daddy! You’re home!”

“Whoa! Slow down kiddo!”

“Come on, Daddy! It’s important!”

“N-” Taylor’s dad sees the look his wife is giving him. “Fine. What do you want to show me, pumpkin?”

“I have enough money!”

“Did ‘Sarah’ give you this money?”

“Sarah found it! And gave it to me because I’m her bestest ever friend,” she says excitedly, pulling out her mom’s money jar.

“Taylor, that looks like your mom’s jar. Did you take it?”

“No, it was Sarah, I promise!”

“Taylor. I think that it is time you start being responsible.” Noticing her confused expression, he starts over. “That means you need to tell me you did it. I know Sarah didn’t because… Sarah isn’t real. She is imaginary. Go give this back to Mom.” He leaves the room.

The room is quiet, and then a small voice asks, “Did you know?”

Sarah replies, “Yes,” and then quickly, “But we can still be friends, right?”

There is no answer.

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