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The loud cheering fills my ears, stripes proudly wave in the air, blocking my sight.


Today is the day - the day I come out to my parents.


Why can’t I find them?


Taking a deep breath, I walk over to my parents. My hands start to sweat; I can feel the pounding in my chest; I squeeze my eyes shut and


I am lost in a sea of people.


“Mom, Dad, I’m gay.”


I close my eyes, wishing I could find them.


I open my eyes, they stare at me. My mom gives me a smile,

“Is there something wrong, Jacob?” she asks.


My eyes widen at the sound of a familiar laugh.


                         Crap. I mentally slap myself, I didn’t tell them, another fail.

                    “Jacob, how about become a man for once and tell us what’s wrong.”


I look around more, still not seeing my family, I feel the fear pulsing in my chest.


                                my dad started gruffling at me, clenching my hands


                         The stripes disappear, the crowd of people clear.


                                                      “I’M GAY, OK?!”

                      I scream, leaving the house as I saw their horrid faces.


                           And at last, I see my future fiance with my friends, I smile.


                                                        I’m home.

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