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You were Winter trying to convince me that you were Spring,

The biting warmth that embraced me when you were around

Was the bite frost so cold it burned

It was the lie of love,

The lie of warmth,

The lie of safety,

You knew I hated winter,

The cold hit too close to my heart,

To my pulse

Threatening to slow and freeze the blood that already was weak with fighting to flow

Snow and Winter are disciples of deceit


Faces of purity and beauty distract

As the warmth, the fluidity of life gets trapped.

I knew too much of being trapped,

Of having the energy that fills me drain

Slowly down-- a faulty tap

The shackles of nothing binding me to the ground,

Convincing me I was safer on ground,


Snow seduces a sense of calm

The anger that roils within the chest of a broken lover calms,

Unfeeling becomes the anger that has made its place, nestled amongst the gapes of heartbreak

Winter coaxes minds into numb submission,

Yet the only thing worse than being broken from love,

Is being broken and feeling nothing,


The calm of winter is fake, freezing over anger and flaws doesn't erase them

But maybe if I stand outside long enough the cold will crawl its way towards what remains of my heart

And take its life and energy away, maybe then I won’t care,

Maybe then the pain of rejection of being left won’t sting


No matter, Spring will come and thaw the hurt heart, and anger will rush back in

But it’s still winter,

And White Pure Paint settles on the planes of this world hushing it

Softening it,

This world is not soft, and

Fake facades mean nothing.


And seasons don’t really matter, because Summer is the season you left me.

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