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Speaker hates Cecelia

Cecelia: latin name meaning Blind


she’s a milky skinned girl with sharp bones

and a spine you can run fingers down to create

hollow music. but she hides those stalagmites, uses a

tattoo. black ink, chinese words. speaker has

no idea what it means. it’s ugly.


she has concave cheeks and eyes and a cavern between

the bones of her neck. crater-faced, dusty grey

with a dark side. speaker feels cold when she

passes by. wonders if she would shatter

if dropped.


her hair hangs like a ferret over her shoulder and

the rest falls down her back in frayed white ropes

with knots and tangles and it smells. dreadlocked.

dead ends. on top, unruly baby hairs. speaker wants to

pluck them out one by one.


speaker wants to count the bones on her spine. would

hit each with a fist until it pops back under the skin.

until the skin is smooth. a heavenly body, faultless in complexion.

speaker dreams of taking a black marker and filling in

the rest of her back. filling in her cheeks and eyes and neck.

uniform, neat, clean. speaker speaks chinese now. would

brand 听 on each thin finger with a needle. careful to

avoid the chalky bones.  


speaker sees the bodies that turn to her as to a warm fire

in a cold winter that would engulf her fingers in silky onyx.

speaker hears her bones plead like the crackle of a

burning log when she walks. barefoot. delicate. i’m here, crack.

look at me. snap.



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