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Doney’s witty humor and gleaming smile never failed to distract me.

His charisma overlapped the overwhelming grief that the tormented soul called my heart burdened.

He was like an oddity in a crowd ;he stood out like no other.

He took the pain from me like a bootle of rum and buried it deep down for me until the facade faded yet again.

I couldn’t help but let a cheeky grin slip out onto my face when he softly told me “I’ll run into any sunset with you”.

We both knew he couldn’t run along side me into a certain light I called,“fate”.

It didn’t matter how many times he reassured me;he could never run along my path,I wouldn’t let him.

No matter how much you love someone your selfish yearning for them can’t burden their being.

That unconditional love that I had for Doney is what lead me to free him.

Passing with someone you love ,who doesn’t have much time left ether,sounds unpleasantly reassuring when y’all both have nothing but breathing tubes and a few predict months on your hands.

Doney has a chance at life though, only 40%,but it’s enough (not just for me but the people who considered him family).

I let go of not only Doney but holding my breath and our senseless love.

While he was sentenced to another “check-up” I finally put my tormented soul to rest.

I buried not only my pain,but my life that day.

 The indelible memories of Doney’s witty humor and gleaming smile helped put me to rest.

He never managed to fail me.



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