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A wave of cold air blew over me as soon as the train doors opened. I shouldn’t have sat this close to the exit, but at least no one else was sitting next to me. I was looking out onto the platform, it was empty. Just like this train. The few people on it were quiet shadows, not relevant. But I knew that this silence would not last for long.

Soon enough, I saw the first of the pack, the commuters were coming. It was quite entertaining to see them so oblivious at first, only to then realize that their train was about to leave. Some started running, but the doors were closing; they wouldn’t make it. The doors slammed shut. I heard footsteps; had someone made it after all?

As the train left the station, faces and figures in the window blended together, they were still standing there, but I was already gone, never to be seen again. I felt a tap on my shoulder, breaking me out of my reverie.

A tall figure stood over me, was it someone important? Was this the turning point in my life?


“Your ticket please, Miss,” he said.


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