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Drip.Drip.Drip. Kelsey woke up to the dripping. It seemed like forever until Kelsey had the energy to get up. She looked around to see a mild glow coming from the end of the humid tunnel. It was pitch black with tiles covering the walls. The ceiling was in an arch position, everything had a dark blue glow to it. Kelsey looked to the side to see a figure a couple of feet away. Kelsey slowly got up to look at the figure on the damp floor, she looked familiar.

“Giuliana, is that you?” Kelsey whispered at the figure.

The girls’ eyes fluttered open to see Kelsey shaking her shoulders on the floor. She squinted and slowly got up looking with the turn of her head. Then it all came back to Kelsey, that was her sister, it just had to be. Giuliana had a cut on her forehead. Kelsey saw two backpacks at the side of where she sat, that could help her sister. Kelsey slowly walked over there snatching the pack and looking at the contents inside.

“Hmm, there’s a flashlight, batteries, rations, water, and two jackets. That could be useful,” Kelsey thought.

But that still didn’t help with the cut. Kelsey looked at the other backpack.

“There’s a blanket, water, flashlight, batteries, and a first aid kit. Yes! That’s what I need!” Kelsey grinned.

Giuliana was still knocked out after waking up for a minute. Kelsey shook her awake and Giuliana sat up once more.

“Kelsey is that you? What’s that over-”

“Sit still Giuliana I need to put this bandage over your head, that’s it. Look your cut is covered!” Kelsey put out.

“Where are we, what happened?” Giuliana asked.

“ I don’t know and I woke up and there’s a light around that corner, lets go check it out, it might be a ticket out of here.” Kelsey replied.

“ But if something is out there.” Giuliana squeaked. We will fight them, or run.” Kelsey concluded.

“Ok, but you go first, I am not risking anything.” Giuliana whispered.

“Ok lets go“ Kelsey urged.

Kelsey and Giuliana saw a stick and pipe and grabbed on to their weapons.

“Lets go” Kelsey smirked, she was ready for whatever.

This tunnel led outside to little dock. But with a huge ship, big waving sails with skulls on it floated there near the dock.

Kelsey and Giuliana walked aboard a ship, they snuck on but they saw there chance to leave. They turned around to see a crew of men hold their swords. Screaming they pushed the scary men off the ship. They looked as they saw more men on the shore running, they put the sails up and off they went.

Splash! Kelsey went outside, the ships anchor put under the big blue sea. But something else was in the sea, splashing and screaming for dear life.Kelsey went straight into action throwing a rope and a nearby life coat attached to it.

The person was a girl, she seemed to be a bit older but Kelsey was able to put a blanket on her.

“Who..who are you?” the girl whimpered.

“Kelsey pleasure to meet you. But not like this’

“I’m Sacha but I was in my bed then I blacked out and… and fell and I don’t know what to do.”

“Let’s go in, it’s warmer that way.” Kelsey smiled.

Giuliana walked in, confused. Kelsey tried to explain what happened, it was hard to believe but Giuliana still shaken nodded. Everyone was able to become best friends in days, those days eventually turned to months.


The two girls screamed to find two more girls on the floor. They were both blond, one girl with the lightest hair, the other short and sandy brown. Sacha, who has brown hair and brown eyes widened was speechless.

“They just fell on the deck, no scratches no nothing” Sacha explained.

We are all here for a reason, but what?” Kelsey questioned.

Not all of them were there. Splash! One girl left, bobbing in the water. Kelsey and Sacha reeled her in, the girl sputtering.

“Liza? Is that you? Lily too?” the girl exclaimed.

“Sofia?” Liza and Lily questioned in unison.

Everyone sat in silence, confused as ever. They were here for a reason, they didn’t know. But she did. Sofia got up first, her brown hair and eyes looked around confused.

“Let’s settle down, we’ll go to a nearby stop and see if anyone knows anything about falling people.” Kelsey concluded sarcastically.

Sacha led the Liza, Sofia, and lily to the sleeping quarters. Giuliana watched the deck as Kelsey steered the ship to skull dock. The breeze cooled down heat of Kelseys problems. And she blacked out, words were whispered into her head. They swirled and twirled in her head.

“Darune is not satisfied, the girls will end it all, these words will save from fatal fall.”

And she woke. Kelsey sat up, everyone was asleep. They arrived at the dock, Kelsey sat up all night watching and making sure no one came on.

The girls all woke up stopping at Sharky’s Diner. An old but a classic place to eat. Everyone loved the food. No one knew that some food can be so good.

“Mmmmm, that’s good.” Liza gurgled, she was stuffed with all the good food.

Sacha was watching the window as she saw someone go to an alley, very suspicious.

“Hey can we go over there?” Sacha asked. “Sure lets see whats down that area but bring your weapons, this place isn’t the best.”

Everyone walked in seeing a bookstore, the girls walked in knowing answers could be there for what happened yesterday.

“That was suspiciously convenient” Kelsey sarcastically snickered.

Everyone walked in looking around, something caught Kelsey’s eye. The ancient city of Darune it said. Kelsey flipped through the book. Darune was an evil enchantress who ruled a kingdom, Darune. Hungry for power she took and took until the --- took her out. She seeks for revenge they say. Kelsey was confused, what was the missing piece? Who ever stopped her was ripped out of the old crumpled brown book.

Kelsey tiptoed around to find where everyone was. Giuliana had went outside, Liza and Sofia were looking at paintings while Lily and Sacha were giggling in the corner of the store.

“Hello, may I buy this book?” Kelsey asked.

“Take it. I don’t want that old lump of paper, I thought it went missing years ago though.” the old lady snarled with a snap.

Kelsey walked as everyone else was waiting.

“I found this old book in the store and it’s about this evil lady thing with powers who got taken out or something.” Kelsey remarked.

“Wait,wait,wait you mean the evil enchantress Darune?” Giuliana uttured

“How do you know--”

Wait this all matches up, the bones of paradise defeated her! They rose up from the oceans and fell from the sky! This is exactly what happened to us!” Giuliana squealed.

Everyone that day only went by the Bones of Paradise.

Off in an far away in the ruined city of Darune, an Ancient queen woke up from her slumber. She is ready to fight the Bones of Paradise once again.

“Alright, alright let’s vote who should be who” Kelsey concluded.

All morning they were fighting over captain and Kelsey won the title “leader of the ship” Of course other people got other jobs. Giuliana got co-captain, Sacha and Lily as look out’s, Liza with first-aid, and Sofia as the armour collector. Everyone agreed on a name they would love to be called by from other people. These six girls were now the bones of paradise.

Later that night Sacha was awoken by a huge crash. The boat was sinking. Sacha ran outside to see a tall woman holding a staff. The woman cackled and pointed her staff directly at Sacha. Then she blacked out, she never woke up like the other five girls who never awoke either.

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