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In the Dark

It was a mistake. It was all a mishap. An error that cost a life. That cost a soul.

You were never good enough. Always second best. Always hiding in the shadows.

Only now it is apparent that staring at the dark is all you’ll ever do now. You’re stuck in hiding now and forever.

You always had potential. You always had some heart. But never enough.

When they teased you, you would shrink into the inky dark, always avoiding the light. Now, it is too late to feel the warmth of the sun, vital and sublime.

Red. Crimson red, that’s all you’ll ever remember, that flash of red. Your own blood on your own hands. Watching it wend its way through the corrugated grooves on your fingers, through the searing scars on your palms. But by then, it is too late to turn back.

Forever may you live in black. Forever may you live in misery. Forever may you be lost without sight. Forever may you dwell on your own blood in the dark.

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