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Nålbinding - Ancient Fiber Arts Craft


Tuesday May 28, 2019: 6:30pm to 8:45pm


Westgate Branch: West Side Room


NålbindingLocal crafter Beth Battey returns to introduce us to Nålbinding (Danish: literally "binding with a needle" or "needle-binding.") Nålbinding is an ancient, but still practiced, fabric creation technique that predates both knitting and crochet.  The oldest samples date from over 4000-8000 years ago and have been found all over the world from many different cultures. To create this durable, stretchy, and dense cloth, a single blunt large-eyed needle, often made of wood or bone, is used while tensioning the short lengths of yarn around your thumb.  Join local crafter Beth Battey to learn a little bit about this ancient craft and try your hand at creating a small sample project.